This list is a simple guide to make sure you address all features that are commonly handled in the lifecycle of your end user’s subscription. There is no ‘best route’, only many paths. Every setup will be different from one use case to the next, so it is up to you to make sure you take the best path that makes sense to your business.


  • HTML Emails configured


  • Integrations Built & Configured


  • All products, services, plans are correctly configured inside Chargify
  • Taxable products & components are defined as such
  • Tax settings through Avalara are configured by AvaTax tool
  • Components proration scheme setup (allocation logic)
  • Custom fields that must be passed to Chargify at the time of sign up through the Public Hosted pages are enabled

Public Signup Pages

  • Public Hosted Pages are configured
  • Add custom CSS/JS
  • Add terms and conditions
  • Add privacy policy
  • Specify field / data collection display OR if using custom integration, API integration built
  • Referral program configured
  • Settings configured


  • If offline payments are an option, Invoice billing is setup and billing options specified
  • Billing Portal enabled

Subscriptions Import

  • End users exist in a vault (Chargify Supported Gateway)
    • OR without payment info
    • OR with credit card
  • Create CSV import
  • Import to Chargify


  • Any additional custom integrations are tested and working
  • Out of the box integrations are tested and working
  • Perform a live test transaction
  • First successful sign up
  • Go Live
  • Pick a Chargify Plan
  • Clear all Chargify test data
  • Go Live
  • Connect Payment Gateway


  • Webhooks configured
  • Dunning management logic / communication configured