Transactions can be viewed in 2 locations within Chargify

  • Via the Subscription –> Transactions
    • Useful for tracing the financial history of a subscription
  • View all transactions for a Site via the Transactions tab
    • Useful for searching for transaction by date / type

For more information on how to read transaction data within a Subscription, please see our documentation here.

Transactions Tab

The transactions tab allows you to filter activity based on date and type of subscription. Additionally, you can export transactions from this view to compile financial reports. For more information on the type of data included in the transaction report, please see our reporting documentation here.

Transaction Types

The following is a list of available transaction types

Type Description Effect on Subscriber Balance Due Effect on “Revenue” (money collected)
Charge A positive amount assessed to a subscription for an item (i.e. a Product or Component) sale. Usually assessed at signup or renewal time. Increases balance due No effect on revenue
Credit A negative amount assessed to a subscription that indicates a “return” or “credit” for an item (i.e. a Product or Component). Usually offsets an earlier charge, i.e. in the case of a prorated downgrade. Decreases balance due No effect on revenue
Adjustment A postive or negative amount that adjusts the subscription balance but cannot usually be directly attributed to a single item (Product or Component). Can also be discount as a result of an applied coupon. Increases or decreases balance due No effect on revenue
Payment A postive amount that denotes amount paid to you by the subscriber, usually on their credit card or bank account via your payment gateway. Payments may also be recorded “manually” in the case of checks received, or money received outside of Chargify. Decreases balance due Increases revenue
Refund A positive amount that denotes “cash” given back to a subscriber (i.e. put back on their card) via a refund or credit at the gateway. No effect on balance due Decreases revenue
Informational An informational transaction whose description provides context for transactions nearby in time, or serves as a placeholder for another transaction that could not be attempted (i.e. when payment cannot be attempted because no card is on file) N/A N/A

Transaction Attributes

  • Transaction Type The type of the transaction, see above
  • ID The unique identifier for the Transaction
  • Amount The amount in cents of the Transaction
  • Date Timestamp indicating when the Transaction was created
  • Sub. Balance The initial balance on the subscription before the Transaction has been processed
  • Memo A note about the Transaction

Gateway Transaction Attributes

  • Gateway Transaction ID: The transaction ID from the remote gateway (i.e. Authorize.Net), if one exists
  • Gateway Response Code: The numerical code originating from the gateway identifying success or a reference to an error.
  • Gateway Response Message: The message from the gateway, indicating the success or failure. E.g. Transaction Approved.
  • Gateway Response Description: Optional information provided by the gateway.
  • Customer Translation: (Optional) A humanized response to provide to the customer.
  • Gateway Order ID (Optional) A gateway-specific identifier for the transaction, separate from the Gateway Transaction ID.