Reactivation allows you to restart a previously canceled subscription. Reactivating a subscription will have the following effects:

  • The subscription balance will be reset to $0
  • The subscription will be immediately activated
  • The customer will be charged the normal price for a single period
  • The customer’s billing date will be reset to today

How to reactivate a subscription

To reactivate a subscription, navigate to the subscription and use the “Reactivate” link in the actions menu.

Select "Reactivate"

You will see a confirmation screen that outlines what will occur on reactivation.

Click ‘Reactivate Subscription’ to proceed

Once a subscription has been successfully reactivated, the subscription will be in the active state and resume a normal recurring period of incurring charges.

Updating the credit card before reactivation

There are two ways to update the credit card before reactivation. You may need to do this if the subscription was originally canceled due to failed transactions on the original card.

From the reactivation confirmation screen, there are two links in the “Credit Card” section:

  1. Update Payment Profile: allows the merchant to manually update the card in the existing subscription

  2. Send “Update Profile Request” email to Customer: sends an email to the customer requesting card update, including a link to a page to perform the update.

Once the card is updated, you will still need to initiate the reactivation. Canceled subscriptions do not become active again just because the attached card is updated.

Reactivation scenarios

Your subscribers in Chargify possess many attributes that are taken into consideration during reactivation. Some important factors to consider when reactivating a subscription are the following:

  • Current balance due
  • Current subscription credit
  • Existing coupon code
  • Existing components
  • Calendar billing

We’ve depicted the flow of events under a few scenarios to help you understand how reactivation in the presence of certain attributes will affect your subscribers.

Reactivation with a coupon

When a subscription is in the canceled state, you may add a coupon so that upon reactivation, the subscription will be discounted. This is a great tactic to use to bring subscribers back on board after cancelling.

In the example below, we are applying the coupon 10 PERCENT OFF COUPON for a discount of 10% off their subscription prior to reactivation. The Gold Product has a recurring cost of $50.00 per month, with a resulting cost of $45/month after discount.

Subscription with existing coupon before reactivation

After the coupon is applied to the subscription, select Actions –> Reactivate Subscription. You will receive a preview of the costs and actions to be applied to the subscription.

Select **Reactivate Subscription** to proceed

Reactivation with a calendar billing subscription

Reactivation under calendar billing exhibits a few unique traits that we’d like to outline.

  • When a subscription signs up via calendar billing, the subscription inherits an attribute called the “snap date”.
  • The snap date is the date that the subscription automatically charges your subscriber.
  • Snap date is important to keep in mind as we delve further into the topic.

Now, let’s dive into an example below to illustrate the full chain of events after reactivation:

  • A subscription is created via a Public Signup Page, and obtains a snap day of the 1st of the month and cancels 6 months later on the 15th of the month.
  • The subscriber wishes to reactivate on the 10th of the month.
  • The snap day for the subscription does not change.

When a subscriber is reactivated, they will be charged the full product cost, as per normal reactivation procedures:

Calendar billing scenario Amount charged upon reactivation
Prorated Full product cost
Immediate Full product cost
Delayed Full product cost

Even though the subscription is reactivated on the 10th of the month, the snap day will still apply to the next renewal period after the reactivation.

Reactivate subscription without payment

To reactivate a subscription without charging the subscriber immediately, you can add a credit by decreasing balance of a subscription. If there is a negative balance on the subscription, this credit will be applied to the subscription when the reactivation step is performed. For complete information on adjusting a balance, please see our documentation here.

In order for the subscriber to be charged $0.00, the amount of the balance adjustment must be equal to or greater than the cost of the product. If the amount of the balance adjustment is less than the cost of the product, the subscriber will immediately be charged the difference upon reactivation.

For example: if you are reactivating a customer on a product that costs $100, set the subscription balance to exactly -$100.00.

Please take note, that as you reactivate the subscription, you must select the checkbox next to “Do not reset the existing balance.” Doing so will preserve the balance adjustment, thus not charging the card on file during reactivation.

Select "Do not reset the existing balance"

When you elect to reactivate a subscription, you’ll receive a preview of the charges to be assessed during reactivation. Ensure that the amount is $0.00 if your goal is to reactivate a subscription without assessing charges to the card on file.

Once these steps are complete, the card on file will be charged at the next date of renewal.

Reactivating trial ended subscriptions

One a subscription has reached the Trial Ended status, you can reactivate the subscription easily by choosing Reactivate from the Actions menu.

Reactivate the "trial ended" subscription

You may choose the default option of activating a subscriber on the same product without including the trial. If you do not include the trial, the following will occur:

  • This existing balance will be cleared.
  • This subscription will be immediately activated.
  • The customer will be charged the cost of the full product’s recurring period cost
  • The customer’s billing date will be reset to today.
Don't inlcude the trial in the reactivation

You may also select the checkbox to include the trial. If you do include the trial, the following will occur:

  • This existing balance will be cleared.
  • This subscription will begin the trial immediately.
Inlcude the trial in the reactivation

Reactivation failures

There are 2 reasons why a reactivation of a subscription will fail within Chargify.

Failure due to the card on file declining the charges
Failure due to no card on file for the subscription

In the event that reactivation fails, you may wish to instantly reach out to your subscriber to have them update their card on file. This can be done instantly by selecting Email Customer to Request Payment Update under Payment Details.