New Subscriptions

Chargify has two options within the application to create live and test subscriptions. Use the in-app functionality to easily create subscriptions while performing day-to-day tasks.

Distribute the Public Signup Pages so that your subscribers can securely sign up and purchase your products.

Chargify Application

Select the subscriptions tab at the top of the application and select “Create New Subscription”.


Select a product from the drop-down menu. You may only select one product at this time.

Coupon Code

Enter a valid coupon code for the subscription.


Select a component for the subscription. Only the components associated with the selected product above are available for selection.

Enter the quantity of the subscription. Select the green X to remove the component.

Payment Collection Method

If you have enabled Invoice billing, you will be given a choice to have the subscription be automatic or invoice-based.

Create New Customer

Enter the full data for the new customer. Though you are creating a subscription, you are actually creating the customer entry for the subscriber.

Choose an Existing Customer

You can choose an existing customer and create a new subscription for them. Simply select the radio button for Choose an Existing Customer

Use existing Payment Method

If you choose this method, you can also use their existing payment method that is on file.

Use A New Credit Card

Use Chargify’s Test Data to quickly enter the appropriate test credit card data for your subscription. This makes it super easy to test subscriptions when you are using a test/sandbox site.

Select the check box to Use Shipping Address to pull in the data from the customer entry above.

Use a New Bank Account

You can create new subscriptions that use the ACH payment method, if your gateway allows this functionality.

Set Next Billing Date

Use the set date feature to create subscriptions in Chargify. When using this feature, it is assumed that the subscription has existed elsewhere – you’re simply moving this subscription to the Chargify application. In this case, you’ll select a date into the future in which we will begin charging your subscriber. The underlying idea behind this feature is that is its intended to allow you to add pre-existing active subscriptions to Chargify and have them renew on schedule, though it may also be useful in some other scenarios.

A statement/invoice will not be generated, nor will a charge be initiated until the set date has arrived.

  • Immediately: The trial period and setup fee will apply if enabled in your product settings
  • Set Date: The trial period and setup fee will not apply if you choose this option.

Subscriptions that are created at a later date will not charge the initial/setup fee if created using this mechanism. Additionally, if there is a trial period on the purchased product, the trial period will be omitted. In the case of any missed fees, due to the omitted setup fee, use the feature to Add Charge if you wish to include any additional fees to the subscription.

Note that any configured emails such as Signup and Upcoming Renewal emails will be sent out when using this option.

Public Signup Pages

When a user has located a product they wish to purchase on your website, link directly to Chargify’s Public Signup Pages to complete the signup process. This will allow your subscribers to securely enter their credit card and contact information.