A canceled Subscription is no longer billed by Chargify. There are two ways a Subscription can be canceled using the Chargify UI:

  1. Cancel from the list of subscribers
  2. Cancel from the Subscriber’s Summary page
  3. After a period of time (defined by your Dunning plan) passes with no payment for an overdue balance

Cancel from the list of Subscribers

You can request cancellation of a Subscription yourself by clicking “Actions” option at the right side of the Subscriber’s entry.

Cancel using the Subscriber’s Summary

You can request cancellation of a Subscription yourself by clicking “Initiate Cancellation” from the Actions menu.

Initiate Cancellation

After clicking “Initiate Cancellation”, you will have the opportunity to enter a message about the cancellation and review the action before either pressing the “Cancel Immediately” button, or the “Cancel at End of Period” button.

When you cancel a Subscription:

  • You have the option of canceling immediately or at the end of the period, selecting either option means the customer’s credit card will no longer be charged.
  • When canceling at the end of the period, the subscription will cease to renew automatically at the “Period Ends At” date and the subscription state will change.
  • No refunds or prorations are made
  • An email is only sent to your customer if you enable it in Settings –> Email.
You can later reactivate a canceled Subscription.

Automatic Cancellation due to Dunning

After a failed payment, Subscriptions transition to the Past Due state within Chargify. At this point, Chargify begins attempting to re-run the payment on a smart schedule. Eventually, we cease retrying to re-run the payment, and some of the Dunning strategies will automatically move the Subscription to Canceled state. See the Dunning documentation for how to control this automatic cancellation.