A canceled Subscription is no longer billed by Chargify. There are two ways a Subscription can be canceled using the Chargify UI:

  1. Cancel from the list of subscribers
  2. Cancel from the Subscriber’s Summary page
  3. After a period of time (defined by your Dunning plan) passes with no payment for an overdue balance

Cancel from the list of Subscribers

You can request cancellation of a Subscription yourself by clicking “Actions” option at the right side of the Subscriber’s entry.

Cancel using the Subscriber’s Summary

You can request cancellation of a Subscription yourself by clicking “Initiate Cancellation” from the Actions menu.

Initiate Cancellation

After clicking “Initiate Cancellation”, you will have the opportunity to enter a message about the cancellation and review the action before either pressing the “Cancel Immediately” button, or the “Cancel at End of Period” button.

When you cancel a Subscription:

  • You have the option of canceling immediately or at the end of the period, selecting either option means the customer’s credit card will no longer be charged.
  • When canceling at the end of the period, the subscription will cease to renew automatically at the “Period Ends At” date and the subscription state will change.
  • No refunds or prorations are made
  • An email is only sent to your customer if you enable it in Settings –> Email.
You can later reactivate a canceled Subscription.

Clear Pending Cancellation

You can clear an existing pending cancellation on a subscription by navigating to the Subscription Summary. Focus on the line item Pending Cancellation. An option exists to “cancel pending cancellation”. This will remove the cancellation that is scheduled for the future; the subscription will return to the Active state.

Automatic Cancellation due to Dunning

After a failed payment, Subscriptions transition to the Past Due state within Chargify. At this point, Chargify begins attempting to re-run the payment on a smart schedule. Eventually, we cease retrying to re-run the payment, and some of the Dunning strategies will automatically move the Subscription to Canceled state. See the Dunning documentation for how to control this automatic cancellation.

Churn Reason Codes

Churn Reason Codes allow you to define a set of reasons for tracking why a subscription was canceled. These codes can be displayed in the Admin UI, Billing Portal, or added as an additional parameter via the API when cancelling a subscription.

The codes can be created, edited, sorted and deleted in Settings > Churn Reason Codes. Sorting the codes will adjust the order in which they’re displayed in the UI. The codes will appear when initiating a cancellation on a subscription from the subscription summary. They’ll also be displayed on the cancellation screen of the Billing Portal if that setting is enabled within your Billing Portal settings.

Once a subscription has been canceled and a churn reason code has been supplied, the code will be visible in the subscription’s summary status in the Admin UI: