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Adding an Adjustment to a subscription will either increase or decrease the balance due on the subscription. An adjustment does not actually touch the gateway or return any funds to the customer’s credit card.

To assess an Adjustment, navigate to the subscription detail page by clicking on the “Start Date” or on the “View” link in the Subscriptions listing. There, you will see a link to “Make a Balance Adjustment”.

An adjustment is created by first selecting one of the following actions:

  • Decrease the subscription’s balance by X
  • Increase the subscription’s balance by X
  • Set the subscription’s balance to X

Next, select an amount (i.e. “10.00”) and add a memo (i.e. “Additional charge for extra usage”). All amounts should be entered as positive numbers.

If you chose to either increase or decrease the balance, then the amount entered will be added or subtracted, respectively, from the subscription’s balance.

If you chose to set the balance to a specific amount, the subscription’s balance will automatically be set to that amount.