Site Details

Site Name

The Site Name is not seen by your Customers. This can be used to differentiate your sites by name, as well as including currencies:

  • Acme Inc (GB)
  • Acme Inc (SEK)
  • Acme Inc (AU)
  • Acme Inc (USD)


The subdomain forms your unique Chargify URL, i.e. Note: Only letters, numbers, and dashes are allowed. You will be prompted to re-enter a value if the subdomain you choose is not unique.


Note: The currency MAY NOT be changed for this site once you have collected any revenue.

Date Format

Choose the date format for your invoices, statements and communications.

Time Format

Choose the time format for your invoices, statements and communications.

Time Zone

Select the time zone for which your site operates.

Reply email

This email will be used as the from address when sending emails from Chargify to your customers. If you would like to specify the fromname from your organization, please format as Example Billing <> or as indicated below.

Shared Key

Read more about Shared Keys here.

Enabling Test Mode

In order to enable Test Mode, select the Site Manager in the upper right hand corner of the user interface.

You will need to cancel all Active subscriptions in your “live” site in order to have the option to change it to test mode.

Important notes:

You will not be able to view the choices in these directions if your Site is already in Test Mode. To put this another way, you cannot edit your Site and switch to Live Mode from Test Mode via this method.

  • Select the Site you wish to convert to Test Mode, and select *Edit Current Site.

  • Scroll down to Test Mode and select Yes. Select Save Changes to commit this change. You Site will immediately be converted to Test Mode.

  • Verify that your site is in Test Mode by ensuring that the green dot is not ON next to the Go Live status bubble.

Example Site LIVE mode. (Test Mode = No)

Example Site TEST mode. (Test Mode = Yes)