Retries and Dunning Settings

Retries and Dunning is a comprehensive area where Chargify offers many options for Customer Management. Since this is such a large topic, we’ve included the Retries and Dunning Settings in the Dunning section of our documentation.

We automatically retry failed renewals according to the settings here. If you don’t want us to retry failed renewals at all, select a final action (cancel or mark unpaid) and make it effective after the 1st failed renewal. Optionally, you can send an email to the customer when the subscription is canceled or marked unpaid, and you can BCC yourself if you like.

Retries and Dunning Emails Intro

While a past due subscription is retrying, you can have emails automatically sent to the customer at different points in the process, as triggered by new failures n days in to the process, where n is between 1 (the first renewal failure) and your retry threshold.

After the first failed renewal, subsequent renewal attempts will be automatically retried approximately every 24 hours, until the threshold you set below is reached.

You can edit the subject and body of the email for each day in your dunning strategy. In addition to the text you specify, you can also include keywords that Chargify will replace dynamically before sending the email. To view a full list of custom parameters, see the Dunning Documentation. Please notice that HTML is not supported at this time.

What is a canceled state?

A canceled state indicates a canceled subscription. This may happen at your request (via the API or the web interface) or due to an expiration of the Dunning process without payment. See the Reactivation documentation for info on how to restart a canceled subscription.

While a subscription is canceled, its period will not advance, it will not accrue any new charges, and Chargify will not attempt to collect the overdue balance.

What is an unpaid state?

An unpaid state indicates an unpaid subscription. A subscription is marked unpaid if the retry period expires and you have configured your Dunning settings to have a Final Action of “mark the subscription unpaid”.

Dunning Documentation

Please review our full documentation on Dunning: