Configure the look and feel of your emails for each Subscriber event. In the examples below, we’ll show you which options in Emails Settings control communications to your Subscribers. Additionally, we’ll include previews of the emails, when applicable.

Please see the section below on customizing HTML emails for more information.

We recommend customizing each email once you have enabled it, in order to present your Subscriber with the exact information you need. Only basic information has been built into the templates. We encourage you to craft thoughful responses to your clients, as this is will be the first piece of information they receive upon signup, payment, etc.

BCC Email Settings

You can choose to receive an email as a bcc (blind carbon copy) recipient anytime a customer is notified. + Customers do not see bcc recipients in the email distribution recipient list. + This above option does not cover dunning emails. If you want to be notified each time a dunning email is sent, please use the Retries and Dunning setting. + Multiple email addresses allowed, separated by commas.

Signup Emails

Merchants always receive an email when a new user signs up. This email is sent to your email address you specified in the Reply Email section of the section, Site Details.

  • Emails to Me: Enableif you wish to be notified when a subscription is created.
  • Emails to my Customers: Enable if you wish to notifiy your customers when they create a Subscription. Edit the template to customize!
When you select "Emails to Me", you will only receive an email if "Emails to my Customers" is selected as well.

Receipt Emails

You can choose to have Chargify send email receipts to your customers once they have paid for goods or services.

Card Expiration Emails

You can choose to have Chargify notify your customers when their credit cards are about to expire. Customers will receive three notifications in the month prior to expiration. The notifications will be sent on the 1st, 15th and 23rd of the month.

End of Trial Emails

"End of Trial" emails are not available if your site is in TEST mode.

You can choose to have Chargify notify your customers when their trial is about to expire. Customers will receive a notifications 3 days prior to their trial expiring.

Upcoming Renewal Emails

You can choose to have Chargify notify your customers 3 days prior to their subscription being renewed. Select the radio button “Send to subscribers of only the products I choose”, to reveal the products to select.

Cancellation Emails

You can choose to have Chargify notify your customers when their subscription has been canceled. Select the radio button “Send to subscribers of only the products I choose”, to reveal the products to select.

Cancellation emails will be sent for Subscriptions that are cancelled immediately. In the case of a delayed cancel, the email will be generated when the cancellation date arrives.

Update Payment Request Emails

You can customize the template for the update payment request emails. These emails are not automatically sent. Instead, they are triggered at your request, such as on a subscription’s Payment Details page.

For more information on Payment Request emails and how to trigger them, please see the following section here on Subscription Actions.

HTML Emails

Chargify’s HTML email editor allow you to customize the emails that are delivered to your Subscribers. This provides the opportunity to brand the messages that are sent out on your behalf to your customers based on Chargify events. We currently support the following emails in the HTML Email Editor: Signup, Receipt, Card Expiration, End of Trial, and Upcoming Renewal emails. Dunning emails cannot be stylized.

What is needed?

To properly stylize branded emails you will need a good understanding of HTML. We also now support Markdown in the email body to provide an easy mechanism for producing nice looking content (HTML is supported as well).


  • Layout: Refers to the container for the email that will be sent. This is where you will define your CSS styles and produce the structure of your emails.

  • Template: This is the body of the email that will be sent out. This has the main content of the email and there is one per event that is described above. You can set the Layout, From, and Subject.

Note: All existing emails will continue to send as they did until you use the new HTML Email Editor.

Create Template

  1. Go to the Site Settings page and click the “Emails” tab, find the email template that you wish to edit and click “Edit Template”.

  2. Create a new Layout by clicking on the Plus Sign next to the Layout drop-down.

  3. Define your layout in the editor with desired HTML layout. You will notice that there is a tag “” this is required it is where the template will be rendered. The layout will live update as you are editing so it gives you a way of previewing it (after it is saved the first time).

  4. Save the Layout and and now you should be able to use it for your templates. To get back to editing the Template click on the “< Email” link in the top left hand corner of the editor.

  5. Select the Layout from the Layouts drop-down and click the “Save” button. You should now see your template rendered inside of your layout! Yay!

Note: If you don’t like the look of the layout you may edit it at any time by selecting it from the Layouts drop-down and clicking the pencil icon.

Edit Template

  1. Now it is time to edit your Template this is the same as it always has been with the support of liquid fields (more info here). While editing templates if you wait a second or two after you stop typing you notice that the preview pane on the right hand side will update.
  2. This will not apply to emails that are being sent until you click “Save”.

Preview Emails & Test Data

We have also added a mechanism for previewing and changing example fields for the emails so that you can define your conditions and preview what it will look like before you send it. You can find the example fields in the left hand corner of the preview pane.

Select Send Preview or Test Data

You can send a preview to multiple emails at a time, this is done by seperating the email addresses with a comma. eg: Fred Smith, This allows you to send a preview email to yourself before sending them to your customers. This is also a great way to ensure that all emails look great in different email clients.

The defined fields in the editor are only for previewing purposes and will not be used when sending the email. It is also possible to produce scenarios that are not possible in the Chargify system.

Also, not all fields are available for display in email templates. Some fields are used to populate the supported fields. These fields can be changed for testing purposes, but they cannot be used in the template. For more information regarding supported fields please check the documentation on email templates.