CSV Exports

In order to include Components or Estimated Next Billing Amount in your exports, you must enable the options below:

Decide what extra data you'd like to include on your CSV exports of subscription data

Estimated Next Billing Amount

This is the anticipated next billing amount, based on the current plan and configuration (taxes, components, discounts,etc.) If there is an amount currently overdue, it is not included in this amount. Note: Including this field will cause your exports to take longer to generate. We strongly advise those that use this option to export a small subset of subscriptions. You can achieve this by applying filters on the subscription list prior to your export.


By including components on your subscription CSV export, we will add 2 fields per component at the end of your subscription export: one for the current component count, and one for the calculated component cost.

For example, if you have 4 components, there will be 8 columns added. Components that have been archived but are attached to active subscriptions will also be included.