Salesforce Sync Times

Subscriptions & Customers

Subscription and customer data is updated in Salesforce via webhooks, which generally take up to a few minutes. There is no API sync available for this data unless you set up a Back API Sync on a weekly or monthly basis.

Webhook events usually get sent quickly, but sometimes there can be a small delay. If you experience a delay longer than 1 hour please contact us.

Products, Components, Coupons & Custom Fields

Product, Component, Coupon & Custom Field attributes are updated every 30 minutes via API sync.

If a product, product version, component, or coupon does not exist in Salesforce when a webhook is generated for a subscription signup or update, an API call is made to Chargify to retrieve the correct data and associate it with the subscription.

Backup API Sync

To ensure no data is missed, you can configure a backup API sync on a weekly or monthly basis. This will count against your allotted API call limits within Salesforce.

  • Go to SetUp -> Develop -> Apex Classes
  • Click on “Schedule Apex”
  • Enter the Job Name
  • Select the Apex class name “ChargifyScheduleBatchSync” from the Apex class field lookup
  • Select the frequency of the Batch job to run whether on a Weekly or Monthly basis
  • Select the start date and end date
  • After that select the Preferred Start Time when the batch needs to be run
  • Click on Save

When configuring a backup API sync, please ensure your account is allotted an appropriate amount of API calls in a 24 hour period. If you run out of API calls, data will not sync from Chargify to Salesforce.