Using the V3 Integration

Please be aware that our Salesforce V3 is currently in Beta status and is available on request. Please contact for more information on this integration.


In this section we will go over how to use the new Salesforce V3 integration.

Salesforce Accounts & Contacts to Chargify Customers

Salesforce Account and Contact information contain the same information that would exist in the Chargify Customer record. If an Account has more than one Contact then the Contact will need to be specified at Customer/Subscription creation in Chargify.

Salesforce Products / Price Books to Chargify Products / Price Points

Chargify Products will create a Product in Salesforce. However the Product Price Point and Currency will exist as a Price Book entry.

Salesforce Opportunities to Chargify Subscription Previews & Subscriptions

One of the new features with the Salesforce V3 integration is that Subscription Previews can now be created on Opportunity in Salesforce. This allows for a preview of the Subscription pricing that can be saved for later use if the deal is won or when manually activated.

Salesforce Account & Chargify Customer Management

Depending on your sync settings any changes made to the Account or Contact in Salesforce or Chargify will automatically be synced.

Create a Customer in Chargify from an Account in Salesforce

At the Account or Contact level in Salesforce you are able to create a Customer using the Subscription Wizard. Clicking the “New Subscription” button the Subscription Wizard will open and a Chargify Customer can be created in Salesforce.

Create an Account in Salesforce from a Customer in Chargify

If you sync settings allow, when a Customer is created in Chargify it will automatically create an Account/Contact in Salesforce. The sync will occur on the selected sync timing that has been setup in your Chargify Configuration for Batch Timing.

Update an Account in Salesforce from a Customer Update in Chargify

If selected in the Chargify Configuration any update to a Chargify Customer will automatically update the Account in Salesforce. This update will occur on the setup batch timing.

Update a Customer in Chargify from an Account Update in Salesforce

If an Account it updated in Salesforce it will automatically update the Customer in Chargify. One thing to note is that if an update occurs in Salesforce it will immediately be sent to Chargify and not wait for the batch timing. Only updates that occur in Chargify will respect the batch timing.

Create a Contact in Salesforce

Please note an Account will need a Contact to be present inorder to create a Customer/Subscription in Chargify from Salesforce. If more than one Contact is present the subscription will need to be created on the Contact level so that the Customer record in Chargify can correctly reflect that Contact.

Update a Contact in Salesforce

Any updates to a Contact will automatically sync to Chargify. Also any updates to a Customer record in Chargify can sync to Salesforce, depending on the selected sync settings.

Salesforce Opportunity & Chargify Subscription Management

At the Opportunity level a Subscription preview can be added.

Clicking into the you will have the option to Activate the Subscription.

Also if setup in your sync settings a Subscription can be created when an Opportunity is Closed/Won.

Collect Payment Profile Information

Payment profile information can be collected via the Subscription Creation Wizard. Payment Profiles can later be updated by navigating into the subscription in Salesforce and clicking the “Upgrade Opportunity” button, here you will be able to changed the payment profile.

View Chargify Transactions in Salesforce

New to Salesforce V3 is the ability to see transactions. The transactions can be found under the Chargify Transactions tab.

Update a Chargify Subscription or in Salesforce

Subscriptions can be altered at any time. To do this navigate into a the desired Subscription in Salesforce. Once in the Subscription click the “Upgrade Opportunity”. In this wizard you will be able to change payment profile information as well as adjust the subscriptions product, components and coupons.

Change Product Immediately (No Proration)

When using the Upgrade Opportunity wizard, if a product is changed you will be presented options on how you would like to change the Product. If only “Change Product” is selected only the Product will be changed.

Upgrade / Downgrade Product (with Proration)

Similarly to above a Product can be Upgraded/Downgraded which will add a Proration to the difference of the Products.

  • If “Preserve Period” is selected the normal next billing date will be respected.
  • If “Include Trial” is selected the new products trial will be included on the subscription.
  • If “Include Initial” is selected the setup fee will be included at the time of Upgrade/Downgrade.

Add Coupon

When using the Create Subscription Wizard you will be able to add a coupon at the time of Subscription Creation. Coupons can also be added later when updating a Subscription.

Remove Coupon

Coupon removal can also be done in the Subscription Wizard by clicking the “Remove” button next to the Coupon.

Subscription Actions

When inside of a subscription in Salesforce you will have options to control the subscription in Chargify.

  • Cancel Subscription- This option allows you to cancel the subscription in Chargify. You will be given the option to cancel immediately or to Cancel at End of Period. Churn code and additional notes can be added here as well.

  • Reactivate Subscription- Reactivating a subscription will move a subscription from a cancelled state to an active state. Please note that if any amount is due it will be expected immediately and if payment fails the subscription will remain in a cancelled state.

  • Clear Pending Cancellation- Using this option will remove any upcoming cancellation that has been placed on the subscription.

  • Give / Deduct Service Credit- Clicking this option provides the ability for giving or deducting service credits from a subscription.

  • Put on hold- When selected the subscription will be moved to an On Hold state. Options for how long to keep the subscription in an on hold state will be presented. More information about this state can be found here: On Hold Subscriptions

  • Resume- This option will allow you to remove a subscription’s On Hold state.


Chargify Invoices can be found by searching for and selecting “Chargify Invoices” in the App Search. This will open a Chargify Invoices tab. Here you would be able to access invoices that have been generated by Chargify.

Invoice Actions

Clicking into a subscription you will be presented with actions that can be applied to the invoice.

  • Record Payment-

    • Use Existing Payment Profile - Selecting this option will charge the active card on file for the invoiced amount.

    • Record External Payment - This option allows for an external payment be created and applied the to invoice.

    • Apply Prepayment - If a prepayment balance exists on the subscription it can be applied to the invoice using this button.

    • Apply Service Credit - If a service credit balance exists on the subscription it can be applied to the invoice using this button.

  • View Invoice Public URL- Selecting this button will display a link to the invoice which can be sent to customers for payment.

  • Void Invoice- Using this action will move the invoice to a voided state and will no longer be able to recieve payment.

  • Invoice Refund- Once clicked the option to refund the invoices payment profile or externally apply a refund can be selected. On the next page the payment to be refunded can be selected. Once the payment to be refunded has been selected the exact amount can be entered.