Salesforce Change Log



  • fix permission sets issue that may cause problems with subscription wizards



  • use of paging for price points in wizards (implemented recently in Chargify API)



  • fix duplicate id in list apex job fatal error that may appear in some rare scenarios for customer integration



  • allocation history (for Lightning new component that can be added to Page, for classic it has been added to existing VFP)
  • improvements for activate all subscriptions under opty, now we display more details about records that we process
  • more user friendly message when user try to create payment profile and ChargifyJS public key is not generated yet in Chargify
  • automatic change of opty to Closed Won when Trial Subscription gets Activated (It need to be enabled by configuration option under Opportunity section)
  • sync of related objects (events, transactions, invoices) at the end of subscription wizard and during activation of single subscription from opportunity
  • trigger that ensure uniqueness on Chargify Subscription Link record that links Subscription with Opty when merchant try to create it manually or from Apex
  • other smaller changes/improvements



  • fix issue for customer to lead integration that may cause null pointer exception in case there are more then 2 lead records with the same email address
  • fix issue for customer to account integration that may cause null pointer exception in case there are more then 2 contact records with the same email address or more then 2 account records with the same reference



  • additional message when user click generate PDF second time and there is no change to Preview
  • improvements for Activate all subscription preview button
  • new way of handling data in popups for subscriptions wizards, now we preloading data and using search on browser side
  • constraints for Chargify Parent Account that allow to select parent account only from the same site when it’s already sent to Chargify
  • fix problem with Chargify Parent Customer Id that in some cases was not populated when Chargify Parent Account was selected
  • fix for Account integration that was not triggered in case parent record was selected
  • fix date parsing for subscription integration that may cause fatal error in case user date format is not US
  • improvements for error handling in subscription wizard
  • fix error for Record Payment action where internal error was displayed in case of paid invoice
  • other technical fixes



  • subscription wizards layout/spinner/ui improvements
  • now app use by default ChargifyJS for payment profile creation (merchant need to generate chargify.js key to use it)
  • ability to create one time invoices (new Action located on Subscription)
  • added option to resync daily products and components (new configuration option under product section), this can be used in case merchant use multi currency and need to have currency prices up to date
  • now resync button located on Subscription object sync also subscription custom fields



  • fix overlap with utility bar for subscription wizards when user click edit subscription or edit subscription preview



  • fix handling of Chargify text custom fields value conversion to sfdc date/datetime fields for inbound integration



  • after installation/when there is no sites now in configuration we display link to create trial account for Chargify
  • preintegration report for leads (preintegration report is generated according to leads configuration options)
  • leads functionality is now publicly available
  • ability to select contact within wizard for new account not integrated with Chargify when there is more then one contact and none of those is marked as Chargify Contact
  • new attribute for subscriptions “Reference”
  • for new subscriptions it’s possible now to populate reference field within wizard (need to be enabled by configuration option under subscription section)
  • changes for labels related to PDF functionality, now object Chargify Quote PDSs was renamed to Chargify Quote History
  • improvements to screen refresh in lighting after subscription is created or added to opportunity
  • added tax amount to Chargify Quote History
  • possibility to create sharing rules based on Site ID. We added a new field “Chargify Site ID” for all objects that can be selected for sharing rules criteria. For existing installations resync of all objects is required if merchant what to use it otherwise it will stay empty for existing records
  • daily resync of products to keep currency exchange rates up to date if merchant use site currency rates (for now this is hidden setting that can be changed only vi console, we expose it to merchants in one of next releases)
  • fix for preintegration report that was reporting account without updates when trailing customer functionality is enabled
  • fix for resync button, now we check whether site is active and display proper message
  • fix issue where custom fields for new subscriptions were not visible for users without admin rights
  • some other technical fixes



  • fix issue where custom fields for new subscriptions are not send to Chargify



  • fix issue where on/off components are not visible within Subscriptions wizards



  • fix for issue when Display custom fields is enabled and there is no field mapping wizard crash
  • fix for tax calculation for opportunity preview when customer is not send to Chargify - previously tax was always zero in that case
  • fix for issue that can cause unhandled exception when user do not have access to site record
  • relabel of payment creation popup header
  • additional message for preintegration report to inform user that none of sites are enabled so report will be not generated
  • fix for preintegration report where user after confirming generate receive error that do not have access to record



  • Leads functionality (for now need to be enabled vi console: custom settings -> feature_flag_1)
    • new leads/lead matching for trailing subscriptions
    • automatic lead conversion for active subscriptions
    • new configuration section for leads with many options
    • additional account/lead attributes to handle manual conversion
    • new relation between subscriptions and leads
    • important - manual conversion do not support custom fields for customers
  • additional error handling for custom fields to show error per field
  • fix to issue with customer integration that was omitting empty fields and do not clear values in Chargify



  • fix for issue when integration was not triggered sometimes to send account to chargify in scenario that account and contact was created in one transaction
  • randomize the schedule of integration to ensure a more equal load on the Chargify platform. Now when the user selects a schedule we create a random value from 0-14 that is always added to the schedule. This value is generated only once and saved to custom setting, so when integration is rescheduled again the same value will be added



  • additional attributes for subscription: Payment_card_type, Payment_expiration_date, Payment_vault, Payment_verified (resync of subscriptions if required if this is upgrade)
  • when synchronization is setup to sync only selected account and user uncheck “Sync To Chargify” now we update status to information: “Sync Warning: Changes will be not Synced to Chargify”
  • where there is more then one contact marked as Chargify Contact and merchant try to send account now we update status to error - it may happen when someone mark contact as Chargify Contact and there will be no match by email for customer that is created by integration



  • for person account enabled orgs for person account records fixed for integration to prevent a situation when integration try to create contact for person account where there is match by reference but no match by email. Now matching for person accounts use only reference id without email
  • for person account enabled orgs for person account records fix for Account trigger that was throwing sometimes exception about invalid field
  • fix for customer integration when salesforce receives from Chargify two customer records with different reference ID-s but the same email addresses and matching by reference ID and email is enabled. Integration was reporting not correctly errors in that case.
  • fix for customer integration matching logic that sometimes was not working correctly when Reference ID was lower case in one system and upper case in another



  • ability to Link Account with Chargify Customer by Reference Id from Salesforce. For Account Object we have new button “Link Chargify Customer”, Account need to have populated Site and Chargify Reference Id
  • ability to select Chargify Offer Link and copy it to clipboard (New button for Opportunity). If Account is not send to Chargify and there is Chargify Reference Id populated we also add reference as parameter to that link
  • additional attributes for Subscription Preview: Total Tax and Recurring Tax
  • additional error handling when subscription is activated. Now we log all DML errors to Chargify Event Log. For example if Integration is not able to create link between subscription and Opty because trigger created by Marchant throw exception



  • fix for possible null pointer exception when there is no update to subscription and upsert function is called



  • possibility to populate custom fields within subscription wizard for new subscriptions (to see custom fields this need to be enabled by configuration option under subscription section and there need to be mapping for fields)
  • calendar billing, possibility to select calendar billing for new subscriptions and update calendar billing day for existing ones
  • new attribute for subscriptions: Snap_day (required resync otherwise it will be empty for records created with previous version of package)
  • fix for possible issue of missing link to opty - additional code to handle conflict situation when incoming integration pull in record in the same time when it’s send by wizard
  • fix for issue when upgrade preview is assigned as preview that created subscription when preview is send by trigger
  • fix for issue when upgrade opty is assigned as opty that created subscription when preview is send by trigger
  • fix for subscription activation for upgrade preview that was asking for payment details even if this is not required
  • fix for multiple subscription activation when sometimes subscriptions stuck in status Queued to Send in case status for two opportunities was changes to closed/won and one of optys was for new customer



  • custom fields for trailing customers/subscriptions - now when trailing customers/subscriptions are enabled we support custom fields integration
  • changes to Account/Contact triggers (SFDC -> Chargify integration) to better handling of merchant customizations, now for integration we always use final data after current transaction is closed
  • changes to Account/Contact triggers to better reflect Integration Status, now when integrated fields are updated status is : “Sync Pending … “
  • changes to Account/Contact triggers - now if any field related to Chargify change we send complete set of data to Chargify (previously we were sending only updated fields)
  • changes to Account/Contact triggers now we allow to execute integration in Queueable context if no more then 30 records is updated in batch and there was no other future calls before
  • changes to Account/Contact triggers for person accounts there is new validation that email need to be populated when site is selected



  • fix for invoice dates fields: Issue Date, Due Date, Paid Date. Fields were incorrectly created as datetime instead of date which causes mismatch in date between systems when the user was set up in different time zones, new fields were created, existing ones were marked as deprecated. We keep old fields for a few releases and then remove it, because of those changes after installation invoices need to be resynced.
  • new option to use custom fields for shipping address (Enable custom shipping fields for Account in configuration). After enabling it we do not use/update vanilla sfdc shipping fields and populate/use for integration new custom fields: CHRGFYNG__Chargify_sh_…..



  • default site in wizards if there is only one active site and account is not yet send to Chargify
  • ability to migrate Chargify contact (new button on Contact layout). Only users with Chargify Admin permission set or “Chargify Contact Migration” custom permission is able to use it
  • billing portal allow to resend email
  • changes to validations for subscriptions wizards to allow create subscription without payment profile and automatic payment when there is zero charge
  • additional attribute for Transactions: Success (transactions need be be resynced otherwise for old records it will be not checked)
  • ability to map custom fields up to 2000 custom fields from Chargify
  • fix for custom fields mapping when customs fields where not visible in some situations
  • when there is currency mismatch between Chargify and Site in salesforce we replicate now only what is visible for site
  • now subscriptions wizards use default invoice collation method as setup in Chargify
  • fix for price list currencies that were not created correctly after saving subscription in wizard when price was missing before starting wizard



  • fix issue with triggers that cause exception when more custom fields mapped
  • Salesforce Certified



  • fix issue when is not possible to send subscription to Chargify (Chargify return http 500 error) from Opportunity, when invoice type is consolidated and customer is new (not yet send to Chargify)



  • fix for issue that was causing unnecessary grouping of new subscriptions (when in salesforce user selected consolidation option “single” but in chargify default setting for who pays was parent)
  • fix for custom fields mapping - now we allow to select from up to 200 Chargify custom fields, previously we displayed only first 20
  • fix for subscription wizard were values were not correct when merchant use tax in chargify, in summary of preview we have now also column new column TotalTax
  • fix for subscription preview where currency was selected not correctly in case merchant use multicurrency, select for opty different currency then default and create preview for account that is not yet send to Chargify
  • permission fix for salesforce classic and Manage Groups, Subscription custom field update
  • fix for possible error when subscription is created and upgraded by the same opportunity
  • button on Opportunity level to activate all subscription previews for opportunity
  • new option in configuration under Opportunity section “Enable Upgrade/Downgrade Oppty Amount Difference”. After enabling for upgrades application add to opportunity only difference between current subscription and updated one, (products/components with new previous values are added to opty as negative and products/components with new values are added as positive)



  • fix for who pays that was not send correctly when subscription is added to opportunity and then activated



  • custom fields integration from SFDC -> Chargify for Subscriptions when mapped field is updated in background (trigger)
  • custom fields integration from SFDC -> Chargify for Subscriptions , New button for Subscriptions “Update Custom Fields” that allow editing custom fields in Chargify, after saving changes are applied in SFDC
  • we do not allow to add more than one coupon in wizards when coupon is not stackable
  • Manage subscription groups - new button “Manage Groups” on Subscription level that allows to create new group or add subscriptions to existing group
  • New indexed field for invoices with number without prefix, so it’s possible to search invoices using global search only by number
  • additional error handling when custom field mapping is not correct (someone for example removed mapped field)



  • fix after 3.48 for permission sets where missing access for users to site lookup for some objects



  • invoice refund for consolidated invoices
  • new option to not sync trailing customers - after enabling option in configuration new customers without active subscriptions will be not synced to sfdc (other sync options still applicable) - currently when option is enabled we do not support custom fields for customers (development in progress)
  • new option to not sync trailing subscriptions - after enabling option in configuration trailing subscriptions and related objects (invoice, transactions, events) will be not synced to sfdc - currently when option is enabled we do not support custom fields for subs (development in progress)
  • fix for custom fields integration from new subscription wizard to prevent error when numeric field was mapped
  • fix for account integration trigger to prevent sending data to chargify when user uncheck ““Sync to Chargify”” and configuration is “Sync All”
  • other changes to improve performance



  • allow to select who pays in subscription wizard for new customers when parent account is selected in salesforce



-fixed issue when integration was throwing error that not able to proceed because of batch context when no fields related to integration where updated on Account/Contact level



  • use of multi allocation API for subscription upgrade, if upgrade settings are the same for all components all changes will be send with single transaction
  • fixed issue when some fields from products where clearout after product was added to opportunity thru subscription wizard
  • fix for Account sync status field that was displaying incorrect error message when Sync checkbox was rechecked and site use custom field mapping
  • fixed issue when system was reaching callout limit for mass record update when merchant has multiple custom fields and perform mass update of records where custom fields are empty



  • Additional attributes for components: Kind, Pricing Scheme



  • now all controllers use sharing settings
  • when user click button to create subscription from account and contact not exists we check first whether user has permission to create contact and do not allow to proceed if not
  • when user click button upgrade opportunity now we check whether user has access to create opportunity if not we do not allow to proceed
  • other changes for salesforce security review



  • Collapse sections in configurations to make it more readable
  • Ability to create Subscription Preview when Opportunity is Closed, this is controlled by new option in Configuration under Opportunity section
  • Now we have separation option in configuration for Customers “Do not update Organization Name” that controls whether we copy Account Name to Chargify Organization field, previously coping was disabled when “Do not sync Account Name” was checked
  • Two additional attributes for subscriptions: Payment Type and Vault Token
  • Mapping of Country and State to Display values from Chargify previously integration was pulling/sending those values to Country/State attributes that contain iso codes when value is updated from Chargify now we use display values that maps back to iso code on Chargify end



  • fix for opty trigger, when trigger was throwing error in case close/won validation is enabled and upgrade subscription was added to opty



  • preview report changes after review by design team
  • button with billing portal link for subscriptions
  • generating PDF versions (separate object for PDF versions - Quote PDF-s)
  • possibility to store PDF in personal document folder or custom folder to use it later for mailing
  • possibility to use customer report for PDF
  • possibility to customize report PDF (logo, some text) - site settings
  • additional attributes for subscription preview (total amount/discount, recurring amount/discount)
  • button for customer approval
  • configuration options to enable/disable approvals (global configuration)
  • possibility to use manager approval using standard salesforce approval processes (when enabled in configuration we check approval statuses)
  • when subscription preview is approved and then edited, wizard show warning that you edit approved record and approval will be lost
  • fix for subscription wizard to not display formula when adding of products to opty is disabled
  • fix for account/contact trigger to prevent error when more then one record is updated in the same time
  • fix for account trigger when person account is enabled and record is type person account status shown incorrectly that contact is missing
  • fix/improvements to account/contact trigger to error handling when chargify respond with error (now we capture returned error text)
  • fix for account/contact trigger to update sync status on account record when error occur - previously it was not updated
  • improvements to Opportunity trigger error handling when opportunity is closed won and subscription preview is not send
  • fix for Opportunity trigger that was preventing to close opty when close won and subscription preview was using groups
  • fix for Opportunity trigger when opty was closed/won one and subscription preview was using groups it was updated incorrectly to status missing data
  • other technical improvements



-Fix for rare case for customer integration to prevent integration failure when account was updated and in the same time integration receive customer that was matched by email to second contact of the same account



  • Fix for subscription previews created from Chargify Offer when some components were not added to offer. Now even if component price is zero is still added to the offer, quantity needs to be greater than zero.
  • Add ability to disable customer integration when it is triggered in Future or Batch context which causes that exception. Setting that we can change if requested



-Fix for account integration to prevent duplicate customers in case marchant use workflows for account and contact objects -Add user friendly error message to subscription preview when customer is not send because of error



  • Fix for product integration in scenario when there is more products system was not saving correctly timestamps what was causing full product/components/coupons sync every cycle



  • Fix for perintegration report email notification when report finish to handle situation when merchant disabled email sending for profile or whole org



  • Configuration page logo
  • Application logo
  • new attribute for transactions memo_short, contains memo value limit to 255 characters as this is regular text field marchant will be able to build logic on top of that, if mechant want to use that field, resync of transactions is required
  • ui fixes, code refactoring/cleanup, changes how we handle debug for js



  • Resync button for sites, now to resync everything you can select for site in configuration option “Resync”, during next sync cycling system will perform again initial sync
  • Rematch of subscriptions, invoices, events, transactions not assigned to accounts, to enable it you need to go to configuration and select option “Enable rematch” under customer section. It’s possible also to specify period in no of sync cycles when rematch occur, The record assigned by rematch will have the flag “Assigned by rematch” checked. It’s also possible to exclude subscriptions from this process If we know that those records will never be assigned, records need to be flagged using “Do not rematch” attribute.
  • Changes related to Winter release to handle situation when user do not have access
  • Activation status for event based component
  • fix for customer integration when matching by email and account is person account



  • Changes in configuration:
    • option to disable conflict resolution for Customer Integration - system will not check whether records in sfdc were updated after chargify
    • update to matching options, now we have: Match to Accounts by Reference ID and Contact by Email Match to Contacts and Accounts by Email
  • new hyperlink formula field for subscriptions to open subscription in Chargify
  • for initial invoice sync system will reject records with issue date older than sync period
  • removed from configuration option for Alternative Batch Job processing
  • fix for conflict resolution when matching by reference Id - system will not compare sfdc last updated to Chargify
  • fix for customer integration that was preventing creation of contact where there was match by reference id
  • changes to customer integration match logic:
    • when option “Match to Accounts by Reference ID and Contact by Email” is selected system will match by reference and then try to match by email only contacts associated with account matched by reference id this replace option “Match by Reference”
  • when option ““Match to Contacts and Accounts by Email”” is selected system will try to find match using email address searching all contacts not related to accounts matched by reference Id this replace option “Match by Email”



  • PDF report for subscription previews (Quote)
  • New field on Opportunity level (Chargify Created from Upgrade Wizard) that indicates whether opportunity was created from Subscription Upgrade Wizard - merchant will be able to build own logic on that
  • Removed ID-s from Transaction, Event name
  • Add Gateway Transaction ID and Gateway used to Transactions
  • Handle parent account change in SFDC from lookup field
  • Filter out components without price points from wizard
  • If all coupon codes for particular subscription are longer than 255 characters we cut it off
  • Sync of archived products fix
  • Handle situation when custom field is unassigned in chargify (we nullify it now in SFDC)
  • Sync button on subscription level - it will sync subscription and all related objects (with default overlap of 30 days)
  • Net terms in subscription wizards
  • Ability to use event based components and activate it
  • Ability to use prepaid components and record usage for then during edit
  • View of components for particular subscription (visual force page that can be added to layout or Web Component to Lightning Page)
  • View of price points for selected product, component (visual force page that can be added to layout or Web Component to Lightning Page)
  • Handle for invoice line items and discounts titles longer than 80 characters (we cut off to 80 as this is max length of name field in SFDC)
  • Invoice URL button automatically open invoice page
  • Select Service button automatically open self service page
  • Chargify Customer Id field to subscriptions, events, transactions, invoices
  • Improve preintegration report to show also records that system omit when creation is disabled (Operation = none)
  • Invoices added attribute consolidation level



  • fix for invoice integration to exclude credit notes



  • update to permission sets for winter 21 release



  • email validation fix



  • multicurrency for coupons
  • who pays/groups for new subscriptions



  • Performance improvements for Account/Contact triggers



  • Check when Chargify actions/buttons are clicked whether user has Chargify Permission Set Assigned, Integration is enabled and site is active
  • Mapping of archived_at for components (new attribute in API)
  • Change in validations for Account:
    • allow to populate customer id together with Chargify Site
    • do not allow to populate customer id without Chargify Site
  • Allow to select bank accounts for subscription wizards



  • Coupon management (without multicurrency)
  • Coupons - additional attributes (amount, percentage, start date, end date, recurring, duration…, allow negative balance, conversion limit, stackable, compounding_strategy)
  • Coupon usage (visual force page that can be added to layout to display coupon usage)
  • Coupons - now Chargify API handle is populated with CO_[Product Family Id]_[Coupon code], it can be used if populated for existing records to match sfdc products with coupons
  • PreIntegration report
  • Improvement for Account,Contact, Product integration regarding field mapping, handling of nulls, email validation
  • Subscriptions - additional attributes (credit balance, prepayment balance, reason code, coupon use, On Hold At, Auto Resume At, Offer Id, price point Id, Payer Id)
  • Products, Components,Coupons - sync Archived records, attributes(Product family Id, Archived At, Archived, Updated At, Created At)



  • Subscriptions - view sales-service url
  • Subscriptions - record usage for metered components
  • Invoice Actions - refund (consolidated invoices not handled yet)
  • Fixes for pop ups inside subscription wizard (searching, layout)
  • Other small fixes