Sales Commission Report


The Sales Commission Report allows you to view Revenue data by assigned Sales Reps over a 6 month period (current and 5 previous months).

How to Access

You can access the report by selecting the View all Sites option for your account, and then Commission Report from the top. Under Commission Report you have two options, Summary and Manage Reps and Mapping.

Commission Summary

Manage Reps and Mapping

The Sales Commission report gives you the ability to add and manage Sales Reps via the Manage Reps and Mapping menu option. New Sales Reps are added in a pop up window, they can then be assigned to your Subscriptions.

Add Sales Rep
Sales Rep Modal

Once the Sales Reps have been created, you can view your subscriptions and assign a Rep to one, by selecting on each line; or Bulk Edit and selecting multiple subscriptions. Sorting on the Sales Rep column will allow you to identify any blanks.

Sale Rep Subscription Assignment
Sales Rep Subscription Mapping


Once you have created and assigned Sales Reps to your subscriptions, you will be able to see a summarized view of all your Sales Reps, and the revenue numbers from the subscriptions they have been associated with across all your Sites.

Sales Rep Commission Summary

Note - if you do not have a Primary Currency defined for your account you will be directed to set one.

Changing Primary Currency

CSV Export

For a complete list of the columns in the CSV export, please view the Export documentation.

Fixed Rate Commission Calculation Model

Below you will find a sample calculation model for fixed rate commissions that you can use in conjunction with the CSV export. Simply follow the instructions on the first tab and set your commission %. A Google Sheet and a Microsoft Excel file has been included for your convenience.

Chargify Commission Report Samples