End of Period Balance Export


The “End of Period” Balance Export will give you an end of period balance for your subscriptions, up to the end of the selected month, or today’s date when the current month is selected.

How to Access

You can access the export by navigating to Insights and the Finance Report and selecting “End of Period Balance Export”

What is the “End of Period” Balance Export?

The End of Period Balance Export provides you with an ending month balance from previous months, or the current balance of your subscriptions, if you select the current month. The following transactions will be taken into account to calculate the balance:

Sale Amount + Discount Amount (discounts are negative) + tax_amount - credit_amount (credits are not negative) - payment_amount + refunds

Both active and inactive Subscriptions will be included, however Subscriptions with a $0 balance will be excluded.

When to use this export

The “End of Period Balance” Export will allow your accountants to more easily close your books at the end of an accounting period. It will:

  • Help determine the details of an A/R balance

  • Help customer facing teams to know what subscriptions require payment follow-up and attention

  • Help support and accounting make decisions around bad debt

Export Details

For more information on the data included in this export, see: Exporting Data.