Hierarchies & WhoPays Guide

Chargify has compiled the following workflows for merchants to use as the basis of working with Relationship Invoicing. We encourage all Chargify merchants that are new to these workflows to practice each of these setups in a sandbox environment.

If you’re new to WhoPays and hierarchies, we encourage you to refer to our documentation as a reference.

Add Subscriber to Hierarchy

This workflow will explain how to add an parent-child relationship structure to a subscription.
View the customer you'd like to add to the hierarchy
Select “Choose Parent”
Select the parent & “Preview Selected”
Confirm the addition of the parent to the hierarchy
Result: Child customer has been added to a hierarchy

Create Subscription Group

This workflow will walk you through how to create a subscription group that will be the basis of consolidating other invoices.
Select “Create New Subscription”
Select “Create Customer”>
Fill in all required information
Select “Consolidated Invoices” to ensure the subscription is created in a group
Complete subscription details & select "Create Subscription"
Result: Subscription group created
## Add Existing Subscription to a Group
This workflow assumes you have followed the instructions on how to create a subscription group. We also assume that you have two subscriptions that share the same customer ID or is a parent in a hierarchy with child subscriptions.
Select “a group” to view the group
Select "Manage Group" to add new subscriptions
View / add / remove members
Confirm details of group addition
View new/all members of the group
View subscription group and members in subscription list
## Add New Subscription to Existing Group
This workflow assumes you have an existing group. How to create a new customer is omitted for brevity, but covered above. How to edit / manage subscription groups is omitted for brevity. Additionally, it assumes you have an understanding of how parent-child relationships work in Chargify.
Edit new customer and add a parent to the hierarchy
Select the parent for the new customer
Confirm relationship
Create new subscription with existing customer
In the above image, we're creating a new subscription in Chargify. We're using the existing "New Group Member" customer. This customer has a parent that will be used in the next steps.
Select WhoPays as the parent
In the above image, we're changing the default choice (red X) for WhoPays to the top-level parent for the customer. This step is imperative in associating the new subscription's WhoPays to the right level.
Confirmation of subscription in a group with WhoPays assigned
## Assign WhoPays to a subscription
This workflow assigns WhoPays to a new subscription It assumes you have existing customers and hierarchies To begin, create a new subscription Select an existing customer that is in a hierarchy with an assigned parent or, create a new customer and select a parent on-the-fly
Select existing customer
Select the top-level parent as WhoPays