Product Versions

Anytime you make a change to the price or billing period of a product, Chargify will create a new “version” of the product. This allows you to have a historical record of the product and the ability to move subscriptions to older (or newer) versions.

Product versions can easily be adjusted on subscriptions. Changing a product to a different version doesn’t remove the ability to switch versions again if needed.

Creating new product versions

Once you save the changes to an existing product updating an aspect you will be prompted with a popup box allowing you to bulk move subscriptions on previous versions to the new version.

You do not need to take action with this popup if you want the older subscriptions to remain on the older versions. At this point of editing, Chargify is presenting you with the option to move subscriptions in mass if you need to.

If you ever need to return to this popup screen you will find a “versions” link under the product information when viewing products on the Setup tab.

Existing subscriptions

Your existing Subscriptions will remain untouched when you create a new version.

Any new subscriptions that signup though will automatically be placed on the newest version of the product.

Changing subscription versions

There are a few options when it comes to moving subscriptions to different versions. The first is the bulk method mentioned above. In the method above, Chargify will prompt you to move subscribers after making a new version. You may also select the ‘versions’ link on the product to do this at a later time.

You can individually move a subscription to a new product version by clicking the Change Version button that will show on the summary tab of any subscription on a product that has versions.

Once you click that button you will be able to decide which version to move them to.

The only time Chargify will automatically change the version on a subscription is when you move from one product to another. When making this change we will automatically move the subscription to the newest version of the product you moved to.

However you may still adjust the product version manually once the product migration has occurred.