Product Versions

Anytime you make a change to the price or billing period of a product, Chargify will create a new version of the product. This allows you to have a historical record of the product and the ability to move subscriptions to older (or newer) versions. Product versions may not be archived or deleted.

Product versions can easily be adjusted on existing subscriptions. You can easily change a product version on a subscription as needed.

Creating New Product Versions

The first step in creating versions of your existing products is to edit an existing product. Easily change the cost per recurring period, presence of a trial period, setup fee, etc. The newest version of your product will become the version that your subscribers can purchase via a Public Signup Page or API.

Your existing subscriptions will remain untouched when you create a new version. As you read on, you’ll learn more about how to move subscriptions in bulk to the new version.

Edit existing product

For more information on how to edit existing products, please view our documentation on creating and editing products.

Moving Existing Subscriptions

Once you’ve edited a product, at the point of saving your changes, Chargify will present you with the option of moving existing subscriptions to the newest version that you have just created. You do not need to take action with this popup if you want the older subscriptions to remain on the older versions.

Decide to move existing subscriptions to the newest product version.

If you ever need to return to this popup screen you will find a “versions” link under the product information when viewing products.

Select/view current versions of an existing product

Existing Subscriptions

Any new subscriptions that signup though will automatically be placed on the newest version of the product. There are a few options when it comes to moving subscriptions to different versions. Decide which step you’d like to take:

  • Leave existing subscriptions on older versions
  • Move all existing subscriptions on older versions to newer versions
  • Move specific subscriptions to newer or older versions of a product

We’ve already showed you how to move subscriptions in bulk. Now, let’s dig into moving specific subscriptions to older versions in the subscription summary viewer.

Changing Subscription Versions

You can individually move a subscription to a new product version by clicking the Change Version button that will show on the subscription summary. The change version option will only appear if a subscriber had purchased a product with versions.

Change the current version of the subscriber's product

Once you click that button you will be able to decide which version to move them to within the Chargify application.

Select new version of the subscriber's product

The only time Chargify will automatically change the version on a subscription is when you move from one product to another. When making this change we will automatically move the subscription to the newest version of the product you moved to. However you may still adjust the product version manually once the product migration has occurred.