Are you looking to offer current or potential customers a discount? Chargify handles all of your coupon codes, discounts, and promotions with ease. Simply name the coupon, set your desired code for subscribers to use & and enter the discount. You even have the power to control the expiration date and how long the promotion runs for in conjunction with your products.

Chargify allows you to create both one-time and recurring coupons to give customers a discount.

  • Coupons are applied whenever a recurring charge is assessed.

  • Coupons can either be defined as a dollar amount subtracted from the total, or a percentage subtracted from the total, unless there are restrictions present on the coupon, in which case the amount will only subtract from discountable items (see Product / Component Restrictions.

  • If no restrictions exist, coupons will apply to the total of all charges, instead of just the base fee. This means that any setup fees and component charges will also be discounted by a valid coupon.

  • If a free trial exists, the coupon will not be applied until an amount is due at the end of the free trial.

  • Coupons are also applied to mid-period component allocations, however this does not count as a usage for coupons with a limit.

Note: For amount-based coupons, this can result in applying more credit than was intended. For subscriptions with an amount-based coupon, you may wish to manually calculate any mid-period component allocations and use a one time charge to avoid an additional discount being applied. .

Creating a Coupon

Coupons are added to a product family from the setup tab.

  • To create a new coupon, click the “Create New Coupon” button.

  • Once a coupon has been created, it can be shared across all products in the family.

Editing Coupons

Once you have created a Coupon, it will appear under the Product Family on the Products tab. You can make changes to the coupon by clicking the ‘Edit’ button to the right of the coupon.

If you alter the amount or percentage of a coupon, it will immediately affect existing Subscriptions to which the coupon has been previously applied in Chargify.

If the coupon is set to “Apply the discount at signup and for a certain number of renewal periods,” then changing the number of renewal periods will NOT affect existing Subscriptions to which the coupon has been applied.

Deleting a Coupon

Deleting coupons isn’t supported, but what is supported is archiving coupons. Chargify gives the merchant the option to archive coupons that are no longer active in your account. By archiving coupons, you’re still allowed access to view older coupons. However, archived coupons can not be able to be applied to current subscriptions.

Archiving a Coupon

You may archive a coupon, which will disallow new Subscribers from using the coupon. However, the coupon will still honor remaining uses for customers who have already applied the coupon.

Step 1. Locate the coupon you wish to archive.

Step 2. Select ‘Archive’.

Step 3. You’ll be presented with a simple warning to ensure you understand the implications of archival.

Searching for a coupon

If you have many coupons in your Site, you may find it difficult to locate a specific coupon, or a specific coupon code. On the Setup tab of your site, locate the coupon section. Select View All Coupons. Enter the coupon code, subcode or name of coupon to locate a coupon.

Basic Coupon Fields

Internal Name

An internal name for the coupon. The name is not displayed to customers.

Coupon Code

The code that customers will enter to redeem the coupon. The code cannot contain spaces and must be comprised of uppercase letters, numbers and/or these special characters: “%”, “@”, “+”, “-“, “_”, and “.”. With these characters, a capitalized email address may be used as the coupon code. NOTE: You can add additional codes to the coupon once the coupon has been created.


A description of the coupon that can be displayed to customers in transactions and on statements.

Discount Amount

You may either specify an integer (whole number) percentage discount, or a flat amount in US dollars and cents.

Note that if you enter a decimal amount for the percentage, it will be silently truncated (not rounded). For example, if you enter 5.5, it becomes 5%.

A flat amount coupon will be applied first to any initial/setup fees for the subscription, and then to the cost of the product and components.

Discount Limit

The Limit Discount option allows you to configure whether a coupon can exceed the amount due. Selecting the ‘Do not limit discount’ option will leave a negative balance on the subscription if the coupon amount is greater than the amount due.

For example, if I apply a $100 coupon to a $30 product, with the ‘Do not limit discount’ option selected, I will have a -$70 balance on my subscription. Otherwise, my balance would be $0.

Stackable Coupons

  • This coupon is not stackable

A coupon that is not stackable cannot be combined with any other coupons on a subscription.

  • This coupon is stackable

A stackable coupon can be combined with other stackable coupons on a subscription.

If you change this stackable coupon to non-stackable, no changes will be made to existing subscriptions in any places where this coupon has already been applied.

However, for all new applications, you will no longer be able to stack this coupon with other coupons on subscriptions during the time the coupon is set to ‘Not Stackable’.

Ordering and Compounding

+ Compound this coupon after all other discounts

Percentage-based discounts will be calculated against the remaining price, after prior discounts have been calculated.

+ Apply to the full price before other discounts

Percentage-based discounts will always be calculated against the original item price, before other discounts are applied.

Recurring Options

As you begin to set up a coupon, the default behaviour for the coupon will be set to “Apply the discount only at signup.” You can change by selecting one of the other radio button options for recurring discount behaviour.

  • Apply the discount only once at signup (or next renewal):
    • This option will allow the discount to be applied during the signup process.
    • This coupon can also be applied to a subscription after it’s been created. The result will be that the coupon will be applied a total of 1 (one) time.
  • Apply the discount at signup (or next renewal) and every future renewal:
    • This option will allow the discount to be applied during the signup process and each renewal afterwards.
    • This coupon can also be applied to a subscription after it’s been created. The result will be that the coupon will be applied for each renewal afterwards.
  • Apply the discount at signup (or next renewal) and for the next X renewal periods:
    • This option will allow the discount to be applied during the signup process and for a set amount of renewal periods.
    • For example if you specify a renewal period of 12 months, the coupon will apply 13 times.
    • The coupon will be applied at one renewal plus the renewal periods you specify.
    • This coupon can also be applied to a subscription after it’s been created. The result will be that the coupon will be applied for each renewal period up until the set limit of renewal periods.

Other usage examples for the third option to specify renewal periods:

  • Consider you have a monthly plan and a yearly plan, and a coupon that recurs for two 1-month renewal periods.
  • If that coupon gets applied to an annual subscription, it will apply once then “expire” 2 months later, meaning it won’t actually apply to 3 annual renewals (which is probably not what you wanted anyway).

The bottom line is that we allow you to specify the period length for count-limited recurring coupons to prevent coupons from applying for too long in the case of multiple products with varying intervals. We advise you to pick the interval of the subscriptions that you expect the coupon to apply to most of the time.

Recurring Options for Mid-Period Components

If you have a coupon that is currently applied to a subscription with renewal periods defined, it will apply to on/off and quantity-based components that are recorded during the middle of the billing cycle. Once the coupon is applied, it will not be "counted" against the uses defined for remaining renewal periods.

Expiration Date

If you set an expiration date, the coupon can no longer be added to subscriptions after the end of that day in your time zone. Recurring discounts, however, will continue to apply even after the expiration date.

Note that if you change the time zone for your site, coupons will continue to expire at midnight in the original time zone.

Conversion Limit

Use the conversion limit field to limit the number of times a coupon code can be used. Note that if you add additional codes to the coupon, this number will apply to each code separately.

Product / Component Restrictions

If you would like to limit a coupon to only apply to a specific product or component, you can restrict the coupon by selecting only the products / components that it should apply to. When nothing is selected, the coupon will be unrestricted and will apply to all current and future products / components.

Coupon Codes

Once a coupon has been created you can add additional codes to the coupon in order to make the code unique. These codes behave exactly like the main coupon code. However, they are generally un-guessable combinations of letters and numbers that you can distribute to customers to make your coupons more secure.

As an example, you can have a master coupon of 50OFF. Create a unique coupon code for that particular customer using their internal reference ID. Resulting coupon code could be reflected as 50OFFMM9280. This is a sure fire way to ensure coupon usage is corralled.

To add more coupon codes, click the ‘Manage Codes’ button for the coupon of your choice.

Next, enter the additional codes into the text box, with one coupon per line. Select Import Codes. To create codes, please enter no more than one code per line.

Once you have manually entered your codes, hit save and Chargify will confirm the codes that have been successfully added.

Deleting Codes

You can delete a code as soon as it is created by selecting ‘Delete’ under the options column while viewing the ‘Manage Codes’ page. This will immediately remove it from the your account. There is no way to undo this process.

Newer subscriptions will not be able to apply this code. Subscriptions created before the code was deleted will still retain the discount applied.