Stripe SEPA Direct Debit (Private Beta)

Stripe SEPA Direct Debit is available for select members of the private beta program.

If you would like access to the program, please reach out to your customer success agent.

The use of Stripe SEPA Direct Debit is available for sites that utilize Relationship Invoicing and only for Sites with enabled multi-gateway support.
Stripe SEPA Direct Debit is only available for the Euro currency.
Stripe SEPA Direct Debit is not available to sites using the legacy invoicing structure.

What is Stripe SEPA Direct Debit

Stripe SEPA Direct Debit is a payment method available in the Stripe platform that allows Chargify merchants to easily collect Direct Debit payments in the Euro currency. Your subscriber may easily add existing banking information to seamlessly pay for products and services.

Supported Currencies

Stripe SEPA Direct Debit supports only the Euro currency (SEPA is an acronym from the words Single Euro Payments Area).


  • We allow merchants using Relationship Invoicing to use Stripe SEPA Direct Debit
  • Stripe SEPA Direct Debit in available only on sites with enabled multi-gateway support
  • Stripe SEPA Direct Debit may not be used with Chargify sites that use the legacy invoices / statements functionality.
  • Bank accounts may not be created from within the admin UI, including when manually creating a subscription.
    • This is because the customer must view and confirm the details of their mandate, which is not possible if another individual is entering the information for them.
    • When creating a subscription manually, a workaround is to sign the customer up on a free trial or with a future billing date so they can enter their bank account information after signup.

Stripe SEPA Direct Debit Setup

To begin using Stripe SEPA Direct Debit in your Chargify site, go to “Config” -> “Payment Gateway” for your site. Setting up the connection between Chargify and Stripe is easy and secure thanks to Stripe’s OAuth feature. All that’s required is that you enter your email address and password and we’ll handle the rest.

Step 1 - click the "Add gateway" button.
Step 2 - select the "Stripe" from the list of available gateways and click the "Continue" button.
Step 3 - click the "Connect" button.
Step 4 - fill in "Gateway Handle" and select accepted payment types, then click the "Save" button.
Step 5 - you will be redirected to Stripe, login with your account, or create a new one.
Step 6 - after you properly login to your Stripe account you will be redirected back to Chargify.
Step 7 - After returning back from the Stripe site you will see a blue circle with a white check mark, now you can click the "Continue" button.
Step 8 - select which payment method you want to associate with which gateway.
Step 9 - gateway is now configured and ready to use.

Specific Workflows

Now that your Chargify site is connected to Stripe, it’s time to start accepting subscriptions that contain SEPA Direct Debit information as a payment method. We’re going to review two ways to create subscriptions with bank account information as payment via Stripe. Both workflows will follow the same path:

  1. Create a subscription to a product in Chargify
  2. Provide contact information
  3. Include IBAN as the payment method
  4. Confirm the mandate for the current subscription
  5. View on-screen receipt for subscription or be redirected to a thank you page

Test IBAN account numbers

  • DE89370400440532013000 The charge status transitions from pending to succeeded.
  • DE62370400440532013001 The charge status transitions from pending to failed.

More test IBAN account numbers for different countries.

Public Signup Page Flow

Using Stripe to accept paymens via Public Signup Pages with SEPA Direct Debit is extremely straightforward. Your subscriber will provide the following steps when they purchase a product:

  1. Customer-based information
  2. Complete billing information, include IBAN

Once a subscriber selects Place my order, they will be asked to confirm the Direct Debit mandate. The subscriber must agree to the mandate in order to complete the purchase.

Confirm purchase within Public Signup Page
Agree to Direct Deposit mandate
Receipt page

From here, all recurring payments will be processed via the payment method provided at signup. Subscribers will have the option to update their card via Self-Signup Pages, which we’ll discuss below.

Self Service Page Flow

Occasionally your subscriber will need to update their payment method. They can do this easily using a Self-Service Page. If you’re unfamiliar with how Self-Service pages work, we recommend reviewing an overview on how these pages function.

When an existing subscriber visits a Self-Service Page, they will be provided the option to enter a new bank account.

Example Self-Service Page

Once they enter valid information, they will confirm the mandate for the new payment method associated with the subscription.

Confirm mandate for new payment method

For the Multi Gateway feature, the customer can change their Payment Profile to a different payment method if one is set. The only restriction to that is when a Direct Debit payment is still pending. Until it is resolved, the customer can only change their Payment Profile to another Direct Debit Account.


There are three new webhooks in Chargify that are related to payments status change:

  • direct_debit_payment_pending - this webhook is sent when payment was created in Stripe (payment is waiting for being processes)
  • direct_debit_payment_paid_out - this webhook is sent when payment was successfully processed in Stripe
  • direct_debit_payment_rejected - this webhook is sent when payment was rejected in Stripe (e.g. insufficient funds on the customer account)

For more information about webhooks see our Webhooks Reference