Payment Gateway FAQ

What payment gateways does Chargify support?

Chargify currently supports a number of Payment Gateways in various countries.

Please check our Payment Gateway List.

We will add support for more gateways in the future based on customer demand. Please let us know which gateways you would like to see Chargify support.

My customer’s card is expired. How did they still get charged?

You may notice that sometimes even if a customer’s card is expired, they will still be charged for their subscription.

Chargify will attempt to charge the card at renewal time regardless of the expiration date.

We’ve found that many card issuers and payment processors will continue to honor a card when it has been used for recurring or frequent transactions with a merchant.

Does Chargify store my customers data and credit cards?

Chargify does not currently store credit card information of any kind. We work in conjunction with your payment gateway’s secure “vault” to store your customer’s credit card information in a secure, PCI compliant location. We work with your gateway so you don’t have to worry about managing this sensitive information.

As we continue to add additional payment gateways this may change but will be dependent on your gateway.

Chargify is officially Level 1 PCI compliant, the highest level of compliance for any business.

Additionally, our services are hosted in a special facility that focuses on financial transaction security and integrity. You may be interested in our blog post about our hosting facility.

What does it mean to be PCI compliant?

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of requirements designed to ensure that ALL companies that process, store or transmit credit card information maintain a secure environment. Cardholder data is any personally identifiable data associated with a cardholder. This could be an account number, expiration date, name, address, social security number, etc. All personally identifiable information associated with the cardholder that is stored, processed, or transmitted is also considered cardholder data.

Chargify is Level 1 PCI Compliance, the highest level a business can be. We also work with only the most reputable gateways to make sure all of your customer’s payment information is stored in a PCI compliant location.

Security Requirements for Credit Card Numbers

If you handle credit card numbers, you need to be sure the data is always secure!

Using Chargify Public Pages

If you use our Public Pages to collect credit card data from your customers, then we take care of security for you. The pages are secured using our SSL certificate.

Using Your Own Secure Pages with the Chargify API

If you use our API and create your own pages/forms to collect and display credit card numbers, then you need to be sure the data is always encrypted 1) on its way from your customer’s browser to your servers, and 2) from your servers to Chargify.

For any pages you host that collect or display credit card numbers, you must use an SSL certificate. These pages must only be accessed by your customers via https (not http). Chargify API calls are secured with Chargify’s SSL certificate. You do not have to do anything extra to make this work.

Does Chargify support collecting foreign currencies?

Depending on the Payment Gateway you’ve chosen, Chargify supports different currencies. For a current list, please see our documentation on Currency selection.

We will be adding support for more gateways and currencies in the future based on customer demand. Please let us know which gateways and currencies you would like Chargify to support.

Do you support Payment Gateways outside the USA?

Yes, we support a number of payment gateways for our merchants in various countries.

Please check our Payment Gateway List.

Can I use Chargify in another country or currency?

Your Customers can be Anywhere

The first thing to remember is that your customers can be located almost anywhere in the world and they can buy from you. As long as they have a type of credit card that is supported by your payment gateway (usually Visa, MasterCard, and American Express, and sometimes others), then your customer can purchase from you.

Your Location is what Matters

You need to be able to conduct legal business (or at least have a bank account) in one of the countries where we have compatible Payment Gateways.

Here is a list of Payment Gateways that we support.