Payment Express Setup

Chargify supports Payment Express (also called “DPS” in some places), a Payment Gateway in Australia.

Payment Express works with Merchant Accounts (and therefore, Chargify merchants) in these countries:

  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • United Kingdom
  • Most EU countries (by using HSBC or BarclayCard in the UK; please see info below)

Payment Express works with customers/consumers in these countries:

  • All countries
  • Product prices in UK Pounds, EUR, Australian dollars, New Zealand dollars, and a few others
  • Customers purchasing in other currencies will be charged in their local currency at the exchange rate in effect at the time of the transaction

Currency Settings

When using Payment Express, be sure to let them know what currency you want to use for transactions. The currency setting in Chargify must match the currency setting used by Payment Express, as well as by your Merchant Account.

Chargify is unable to detect if a there is a discrepancy in this setting.

Compatible Banks

Where should I get a Merchant Account?

Here’s a short list of banks that we know work and support multiple currencies:

Australia - National Australia Bank (NAB) New Zealand - Bank of New Zealand (BNZ) United Kingdom - HSBC, BarclayCard (see info below)

Contact Info at Payment Express

Here’s our main contact at Payment Express. He can help merchants get set up quickly, and he can help you determine the most appropriate bank to set up your merchant account. Here are a few of our Payment Express contacts, located in Australia:

  1. Byron Kelly
    Ecommerce Analyst
    Direct Payment Solutions PTY Limited
    Level 5 503-505 Kent Street
    PO Box A2417
    Sydney, 1235
    P: +61-2-8268 7703 | NZ: +64-9-307 6295
    M: +61 (0)418 820 878
    F: 1800 469 709

  2. Nick Marshall
    Senior Consultant
    P: +44 20 33183298 ext 839

    ## Contact Info at HSBC and BarclayCard (for UK/EU merchant account)

We don’t have any contact info at HSBC since they were just added by Payment Express, but we’re pretty sure there are many HSBC branches around the UK :-)

Please note that HSBC and BarclayCard will probably know Payment Express by the name “DPS”.

More info re BarclayCard…

Our first UK customer found the path through BarclayCard (for merchant account) and Payment Express (for payment gateway).

His contact at BarclayCard has also helped Chargify merchants in Europe get set up with merchant accounts, even though they are located in places like the Netherlands and Germany. Contact #1 below is this main contact who has helped merchants get set up.

  1. Richard Harding c/o Barclaycard Payment Acceptance, Dept. MNSA
    1234 Pavilion Drive, Northampton, NN4 7SG, United Kingdom
    Telephone +44 (0)7766 361362, Fax +44 (0)1843 867704

  2. Clive Impey, International Sales Team Manager
    Barclaycard Payment Acceptance, Department LCB
    Telephone +44 (0) 7850 213943, Fax +44 (0) 1604 677395

Lessons from other Chargify merchants

  1. Our very first customer to use Payment Express in the UK found that he had to get a merchant account at BarclayCard. Other customers have followed this path and they seem to have a good experience, but BarclayCard can be “tight” on underwriting startups, so HSBC may be a better option.

  2. One of our Australian customers found that he had to use a specific large bank in Australia when he got his merchant account, because he wanted to charge his customers in US Dollars. We don’t know which bank this was, but please ask your merchant account bank if you intend to charge your customers in a non-local currency. You will need to make sure the merchant account and Payment Express know about your choice so they can set everything up correctly.

  3. Many European customers have been able to get a merchant account at BarclayCard (and presumably at HSBC) in the UK, and then use Payment Express as their gateway with Chargify. This appears to be a path that’s available to merchants in EU countries.

  4. Please note that we recently added support for Quickpay.Net, which may be a better payment gateway for European merchants.

  5. If you are asked by BarclayCard or HSBC about these options, we are told by Payment Express that the 2nd choice (ePDQ MPI) is the better choice:

  • ePDQ CPI: Our end-to-end solution with payment pages hosted by us.
  • ePDQ MPI: Provides flexibility for you to host your own secure payment pages.