Gateway Features

Chargify offers gateway-specific options for many of its gateways. Use the guide below as an overview of features that are available as add-on options.

Authorize.Net eCheck/ACH

For more information on Authorize.Net’s eCheck/ACH feature, please see our documentation here. The linked article provides a comprehensive overview of how eCheck/ACH functions within your Chargify and Authorize.Net accounts.

Braintree Advanced Fraud Protection

Braintree Provides Advanced Fraud Tools to identify and prevent fraudulent activity before a transaction or verification ever reaches a customer’s bank.

With the help of Kount, hundreds of fraud detection tests are used to analyze each credit card transaction or verification within milliseconds.

The “Advanced Fraud Protection” tab will only be visible if you’re connected to a Braintree account.

Advanced Fraud Tools are not set up on your Braintree account by default. You’ll need to enable Advanced Fraud Tools in the control panel.

Once enabled in your Braintree control panel, you’ll also need to enable a setting in your Chargify dashboard under Settings > Advanced Fraud Protection:

Enable Advanced Fraud Tools in your Braintree-connected site

Coupled with Risk threshold rules provided by Braintree, you can further safeguard your business against would-be attackers. Risk threshold rules can trigger different actions when specified customer information passes through the gateway multiple times within a designated time period. This way if a fraudster is attempting to use the same customer email with different credit cards or attempting to try different cards in very quick succession, you can head them off at the pass.

Chargify supports Braintree Advanced Fraud Protection on our hosted signup and card update pages. Once you enable the setting for your Chargify site, Chargify will send the additional information along to Braintree for use in decision making.

If you are hosting your own Chargify Direct signup and card update forms, you may use Braintree’s JavaScript library to generate the device data, and include it in the form that is submitted to Chargify. The device data will be passed through to Braintree when storing or updating a card.

Braintree & Paypal

If you use Braintree as the payment gateway for your Chargify site, your customers can pay with a credit card or with their PayPal account. This can be easily configured with just a few settings.

Enable PayPal in your Braintree-connected site in Chargify

If you do not use Braintree as your payment gateway, you can request that the Multi-Gateway feature be enabled for your site, so that you can connect Braintree in addition to your current gateway.

  • Log your Braintree account and select Settings from the top menu.
  • Select Accept Paypal
Enable PayPal in your Braintree account

This should be present but with no options shown on Braintree sandbox accounts, and it should be present as shown here on Braintree real/live accounts. If you do not see this in your Braintree account, please contact Braintree support and request this on your account.

Please note that to test PayPal in a sandbox environment, you must create a PayPal account and link it to your sandbox Braintree site using the PayPal email address, client ID, and secret. Instructions on how to do so may be found within Braintree’s documentation. If this is not completed, then the PayPal frames won’t appear on the Public Signup Pages and Self-Service Pages within Chargify.

Link a sandbox PayPal account to your sandbox Braintree

Braintree on Public Pages

A subscriber can elect to choose PayPal as a payment option on both Public Signup Pages, when they sign up, and Self-Service Pages, after they sign up to update their payment information. We’ve compiled a summary of what your subscriber will experience on a Public Signup Page as well as a Self-Service Page in our documentation for further information.

Stripe ACH

For more information on Stripe’s eCheck/ACH feature, please see our documentation here. The linked article provides a comprehensive overview of how eCheck/ACH functions within your Chargify and Stripe accounts.

Stripe Legacy & Stripe Connect

If you enabled Stripe prior to April 2017, you can check to see if you’re on the newest version of the integration by visiting your Site’s Payment Gateways Settings page. If you see a blue box at the top of the page that says Let’s Upgrade Your Stripe Integration, then you will need to follow the on page instructions to update your integration.

There are many benefits to using Stripe Connect:

  • Access to Stripe’s Smarter Saved Cards feature (automatic Account Updater feature)
  • Secure oAuth connection
  • ACH for Stripe

The update will only take a few minutes but make sure to have your Stripe credentials ready prior to continuing. Once complete, we suggest creating a test transaction right away as an additional check to ensure the connection was successful and transactions are processed as expected.

For existing Stripe account holders

Select the option to "Connect with Stripe
  • You’ll immediately be redirected to Stripe’s login page where you can supply your credentials under their domain.
  • Once you input your credentials, select which account that would like to use with Chargify.
Select "login" if you already have a Stripe account
  • Verify that the correct email address is specified in Chargify in the Stripe gateway settings.

Stripe Connect and Live Mode

When connecting with Stripe, if your site is in test mode, we will configure your site with test credentials. Once you complete the “Go Live” process, you will need to return to the Gateway Settings page, Disconnect and then connect with Stripe again to get live credentials so that you can process real transactions.