Gateway Configuration

If you need an introduction to the purpose and function of Gateways and Merchant Accounts, or need help obtaining one, please see our FAQ on Payment Gateway Installations..

By default, your Site will be set to use the Chargify Test Gateway. The Test Gateway is great for playing around, but in order to test your integration with a sandbox gateway, or to sell subscriptions using a real gateway, you will need to choose a gateway and enter your credentials.

The Chargify Test Gateway

This gateway does not do any real authorizations or captures on credit cards. It allows you to simulate successful and unsuccessful credit card transactions.

When using the Chargify Test Gateway:

  • Use the credit card number “1” to simulate a credit card in good status. All payments and authorizations will succeed.
  • Use the credit card number “2” to simulate a credit card that will not accept any payments. Authorizations will succeed.
  • Use the credit card number “3” to simulate a credit card in which all authorizations and payments will fail.

Sites in test mode connect to “Sandbox” gateways

Any Site that is in test mode will only work with gateways accounts that are provided as test, developer, or sandbox accounts from your gateway provider. Usually, these “test” gateways use a different URL than their production counterparts, and Sites that are in test mode will only connect to these URLs.

Sites in production mode connect to “Live” gateways

Any Site that is in production mode will only work with real, live gateway accounts. If you are experiencing problems with incorrect credentials, ensure that you don’t have a mismatch between your Chargify Site mode (test vs. production) and your type of gateway (test vs. live)

Selecting a Gateway

You may select a different gateway in Chargify only if your current site contains zero payment profiles.

While working in a test environment, you may also consider clearing your Site data for a quick way to “reset” your Site and change gateways. Clearing the current site data is not available for sites in live mode.

Click “Use this Gateway” next to the name of your gateway provider. Some providers may be disabled if they do not support the Site’s selected currency or if the site already has subscriptions.

Select a new gateway in Chargify

And then enter your gateway credentials.

Enter gateway credentials

All fields are required. The credentials requested for your gateway should be provided by your gateway, either via email or in their administrative interface. Be sure that you are entering your test credentials for a test site or live credentials for a production site.

Changing your Payment Gateway

If you need to change gateways, you may either delete all of the payment profiles within your Site, create another Site, or follow the Gateway Change Process.

Chargify does not recommend changing the credentials for a live site. If credentials are changed for a live site, existing payment profiles may become inactive.