Braintree Apple Pay (Private Beta)


In order to use Apple Pay the Multi-Gateway feature needs to be enabled for your site. Contact support to have them enable both the Apple Pay and Multi-Gateway Feature.

Apple Pay is supported only on Apple devices. For more information about device requirements go to Braintree documentation

Apple Pay is supported in these scenarios:

  • Creating a new subscription through Public Signup Pages (PSP)
  • Updating a payment profile through Self Service Pages (SSP)
  • Paying an invoice online
  • Chargify.js, see Developer documentation for additional details on setup


In order to use Apple Pay as a payment method in Chargify, you first have to enable Apple Pay support in your Braintree Panel.

The next step is to add domains in Braintree Panel.

The first domain that you need to add is which is used for paying invoices online.

Next you have to add your site’s subdomain, because each time you create a site in Chargify you must choose a unique subdomain for it.

For example, if you have chosen “test” as your subdomain, you would add “” to your Braintree Panel.

The above step is needed for Apple Pay to work correctly on PSP and SSP.

If you receive an error message like “Your browser or device does not support Apple Pay on the web. Open this page in Safari on a compatible device.” and you used an Apple Pay compatible device then you should check if you added the proper domains in the Braintree Panel.

If you added the proper domains and still receive this error message, check if you have credit cards configured in your Apple Wallet.