Once you have created an offer, you can perform many tasks on the offer. We’ve placed the following actions in a dropdown menu titled, “Actions”.

On the Offer list page you can access a condensed Actions menu, featuring a handful of options:

Offer Actions


When you select View, you will be shown the offer details page. This page will provide information as to what product, components and coupons are part of the offer. It will also show when the offer was created and provide a list of subscriptions that signed up on that offer.

Offer Details

Create Offer Signup Page

When you select Create Offer Signup Page, you will be shown the Offer Signup Page create form. Offer Signup Pages are public facing pages which you can share with your customers to allow signups to be created using that particular offer. Conceptually they are the same as Public Signup Pages, but they allow signup to offers rather than products.

Offer Signup Pages will use your Default Page Settings, however as with Public Signup Pages, the page itself allows for overriding the defaults with specific values.

Create Offer Signup Page


Once offers are created we don’t allow them to be edited. Because of this we added an option to allow you to copy an offer via the “Clone” method. This will take you to the Offer Creation page with all the options set automatically to what the cloned offer had. This will in turn allow you to make slight adjustments and create a new offer quickly.

Create Subscription

You can create a subscription with an offer preselected using the “Create Subscription” action. This will take you to the Create Subscription section and have the offer selected by default.

Create Subscription with Offer


This is a soft delete for the offer. Once you select this, customers will not be able to select this offer at signup time. Offer signup pages using this offer will also become invalid.

Once you archive an offer the list view of the offers page changes slightly to include the ability to see archived offers.

Offer Management with Archived Offers Filter

If you select “View Archived Items” you will see both the active and archived offers that exist on your site. On this view you can also go back to just viewing active offers by selecting “Hide Archived Items”.

Offer Management with Hide Archived Offers Filter

You can then select “Unarchive” for the archived offers to restore them to active status.