Fine-grained User Access Control (or Fine-grained UAC) is a Chargify feature that allows admins to assign users a different set of access levels for each available site.

The access levels that can be assigned under Fine-grained UAC are:

  • Read-only: the user can view information related to the site.
  • Setup: the user can manage the product catalog, settings, and integrations.
  • Financial: the user can view and export financial performance metrics.
  • Customer Support: the user can manage subscriptions and customers.

Adding Users

You have the option of adding more user accounts (login and password) to your Seller account, if you are an Admin or Owner, so that other people can help you with its management.

Starting on your Seller homepage, navigate to the “Users” tab and click on the “Create New User” link.

There are 3 levels of access for user accounts:

  • Owner: The first user account is the “owner” of the Seller account. They have implicit admin capabilities that cannot be revoked.
  • Admin: Any user may be made an Admin by the owner or by the other Admins.
  • Team Member: A user on the account without Admin privileges.

Team Member access controls are currently available on our Pro and higher plans. Read more about Access Control and User Permissions on our blog.

Unique User Emails

You will receive the following warning if you are using an email that already exists in the system: Email must be unique - that value has been taken.

When adding a user to a Chargify account, the user email may only be used once across all Chargify accounts. If you have a situation where a person must be part of two Chargify accounts, you must use a unique email for each user account.

User Limit

  • All Chargify Developer plans have a limit of 10 users on each account.
  • All paid Chargify plans have a limit of 100 users on each account.

Team Member Settings

Team Members can perform the same tasks as an Admin can except as noted below:

The following is a list of Merchant-based settings and access level a Team Member has within Chargify.

  • Site Access:Merchants will not be able to control the sites your users can access. Team Members have access to all Sites.
  • My account: Team members cannot enable or disable two-factor authentication
  • Sites: Team Members can not clone, edit or delete a site
  • API Access: All access denied
  • Merchant Info: All access denied
  • Security: All access denied
  • Users: All access denied
  • Billing & Plans: ​All access denied

The following lists specific site operations within a particular domain and what access Team Members have within Chargify.

  • Subscriptions Settings: Team member may not delete a Subscription entry
  • Product Settings: Team members have full access to create, edit and archive any item under the Setup tab. This includes Products, Coupons, Components, Public Signup Pages, Custom Fields. Additionally, Team Members may change products attached to a Subscription.
  • Site Settings: Team members have full access to update the Settings tab within a site. This includes customization of emails and Dunning settings.
  • Integration Settings: Team members may update all integrations, except the Xero integration.

Team Member Site Access Controls

A Merchant can define the Team Member’s access on a per site basis. Chargify allows you to control many aspects of a Team Member’s access in your Merchant account. Additionally you can allow a Team Member to only access certain sites within each site.

  • Site Access: Merchants can control what sites the user can access.

  • Manages product catalog, settings & integrations: Team Members may edit the product catalog, setttings and integrations.

  • Views and exports financial performance & metrics: Team Members have access to and are allowed to export transactions. Additionally, they will be given access to financial data on the Dashboard.

  • Manages subscriptions & customers: Team members are granted access to creating, editing and deleting subscriptions & customers.

Here are a few examples of varying sets of permissions under the Pro and Big Business Plans.

In the above example, Team Member 2 has the following access:

  • Full access to the site General Goods
    • View access
    • Access to edit the product catalog
    • Access to financial metrics
    • Ability to edit subscriptions and customers
  • Access to the Acme Inc. site
    • View access
    • Access to financial metrics
    • Ability to edit subscriptions and customers
  • Access to the JavaScript Test site
    • View access
    • Ability to edit subscriptions and customers