Chargify will periodically need to communicate with the account holder or users that there is an upcoming change to the application, billing issue or another type of event. Pay close attention to the notifications tab at the top of the Dashboard for new alerts or messages.

  • If you subscribe via Web you will see a purple beacon in the header when a new message arrives.
  • If you subscribe via Email we will send a copy to your email address.
Locate your announcements notification bell icon

New Messages

If you have any unread messages, they will be displayed here. Click anywhere on the message to reveal the full message and any additional details.

View current list of messages from Chargify

Example of a notification of a disabled webhook:

View an individual message's details


Choose how you wish to be alerted to new notifications from Chargify. Even without a subscription, all of our messages to you will display on your Notifications tab.

Select the option to edit your notification preferences
  1. Select Preferences from the Notifications page
  2. Configure the setting preferences as desired

Please keep in mind that a web notification will appear in app, as a dot next to the notifications bell-icon. An email notification will be delivered to the email used to access your account.

The controls for notifications only apply to the current login. Editing notification preferences here will not globally affect the settings for all users of the Chargify application.
Select which notifications you'd like to receive as a notification or email

Urgent Billing Issues

Chargify will reach out to you if there are any outstanding billing issues on your account. Please stay tuned to the your inbox to be notified of any outstanding billing issues.

Feature Announcements

Occasionally, Chargify will notify users of upcoming Feature Releases. Please subscribe to Chargify’s blog for recent updates.

System Status

Should the need arise to alert our Merchants of any platform-related issues, we’ll broadcast an email to our clientele. To subscribe to our status updates, please view our status page here. Subscribe to updates to stay in touch.

Configuration Issues

If your Chargify account contains a configuration that is flagged by our system, we’ll contact you to report the issue. A prime example of a configuration issue is a disabled endpoint.

Export Completion

After an export is complete, Chargify will notify you accordingly. Please visit the Downloads page to retrieve your exports.