Chargify Subscription

Merchant Info

We encourage you to keep your your contact information with Chargify current. This is especially important if we need to contact you for any reason related to your account.

Chargify does not permit you to change the owner on the account or the contact information for the financial information related to your subscription online. Please contact our support team to make any adjustments of this nature.


For more information security practices for your account, please see the information here.

Billing & Plans

The Billing & Plans section contains a host of useful information related to your subscription to the Chargify application.

Current Plan

View your current plan within Chargify. You can also change your current plan within Chargify by selecting Change next to your purchased plan.

When you elect to change your plan, you’re given the option to a preview the other plans offered by Chargify. Take a moment to look around and view which plan best suits your needs. If you have any questions about what a particular plan offers, please contact us and we’ll be happy to advise you further.

Next Billing Amount

Chargify displays the next billing amount and date in which your card will be charged for your subscription.

For Chargify plans that include a charge based on 1.2% of revenue, this charge will be transacted against the card on file approximately a month from the renewal date. To be clear, we must wait for a month of transactional data to be encountered before charging the percentage-based fee.

Current Status

Your current status for your Chargify subscription can be viewed here.

  • Active: Your account is good standing
  • Past Due: Please remit the amount due on your account to avoid cancellation
  • Canceled: Please contact for further assistance

Card Update

Elect to update the card on file, by selecting change next to the current card on file.


View all your statements for your Chargify account. At the time of publication of this documentation, downloading to PDF

Deleting Your Account

Please note that once your account is deleted, the data cannot be retrieved. We recommend downgrading your account to a developer plan and exporting data instead of choosing to delete your account.

As a related topic, please inspect our documentation on data retention for further information.