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If you would like to begin using our HubSpot integration please contact for more information.

The Chargify-HubSpot integration will allow you to connect your Chargify account directly to your HubSpot account. When a new Subscription is created in Chargify this integration will automatically create the company, contact and deal based on the customer and subscription information in Chargify. Additionally a close/won deal can create a subscription and customer in Chargify. This in turn prevents sales teams from needing to manually re-enter their sales information in HubSpot.

How It Works

The HubSpot integration is currently a white glove installation process. Our support team will ask that you provide us a HubSpot API key to your site. Our support team will provide a secure upload link that the key can be uploaded to. After we receive the API key our team will run a script that will populate several new properties in HubSpot that will be Chargify specific. Finally, we will enable the integration which will then begin pushing the sync fields over to HubSpot once subscriptions are created.

After the setup of the integration is complete when a subscription is created in Chargify we will use the fields provided in the customer and subscription records in Chargify to create and populate the equivalent fields in HubSpot.

  • The signup amount of the subscription will be used as the deal amount in HubSpot.
  • Additionally any products or components that exist in Chargify will be created in HubSpot as a product.

During installation several Chargify property fields will be added to your HubSpot Deals. These properties will contain relevant Chargify Subscription information. The added properties can be added to your standardized deal view as desired. The added properties include:

  • Chargify Currency- This field will display what currency the customer will be charged in.
  • Chargify Customer ID- A unique Chargify ID that links to the Chargify customer record.
  • Chargify Invoice Issued Info- This field gives users important invoice details such as a PDF link to the invoice in Chargify, Total Tax, Total Amount, Invoice Number and Due Date.
  • Chargify Subscription ID- A unique Chargify ID that links to the Chargify subscription record.
  • Chargify Subscription State- The state that the Chargify subscription is in. Active, Canceled or Past Due for example.
  • Subscription Activated At- Displays the date the Subscription was created.
  • Subscription Balance- The amount that is currently owed by the customer.
  • Subscription CC Expiration Date- A helpful property that shows when the customer’s credit card will expire.
  • Subscription Next Billing At- This field shows the next scheduled billing date.
  • Subscription Payment Types- Will display if the subscription is on Automatic or Remittance billing.
  • Subscription Total Revenue- Shows the amount of revenue received from the subscription.

Creating a Subscription from a Close/Won Deal

Closing a deal in HubSpot can also create a subscription and customer in Chargify. This can vastly streamline a sales process as the need to juggle two applications is eliminated.

After the initial setup your HubSpot product catalog will be populated with products and components from Chargify. These products can then be selected when creating a deal. Once the deal has been closed/Won a customer and subscription will be created in Chargify.

Using a Deal to create a Subscription

There are a few requirements in order for a deal to successfully convert into a subscription.

  1. The contact that is selected for the deal has first name, last name and email filled out.
  2. The contact has the property “Primary Contact” set to “Yes”. Please note this property is added at installation.
  3. The contact address will need to be filled out in order to successfully assess any tax.
  4. The deal will need one Chargify product selected as a line item. Please note only one Chargify product can be used per deal, you can use as many component line items as you would like.
  5. Components can be added as a line item and multiple component line items can exist. Please note the component must exist in the same product family as the product in Chargify to correctly charge.

After these steps are done the deal can be created. Then once the deal has moved to a closed/won state a subscription and customer will be created in HubSpot.

Fields that are Synced from Chargify to HubSpot

The following fields from the Chargify Customer, Product, and Subscription records will be synced to HubSpot as detailed in the following tables.

Customer to Company

Chargify Field Name HubSpot Field Name
Email Email
First Name First Name
Last Name Last Name
Phone Number Phone Number
Organization Name Company Name
Custom Field Company ID

Customer to Contact

Chargify Field Name HubSpot Field Name
Customer custom field HubSpot Contact ID
Address Line 1 Street Address
Billing City City
Billing State State/Region
Billing Country Country/Region
Billing Zip Postal Code
Chargify Customer ID Chargify Customer ID
Tax Exempt Tax Exempt Status
VAT ID VAT Information

Product to Product

Chargify Field Name HubSpot Field Name
Product Name - price point name Product Name
Product Handle - price point handle Product SKU
Description Description
Price in cents Price
Interval unit - Billing Interval Billing Frequency
Expiration/Lifetime Terms(months)

Subscription to Deal

Please note that upon installation these custom fields will be created in HubSpot.

Chargify Field Name HubSpot Field Name
Subscription ID Chargify Subscription ID
Subscription State Subscription Status
Subscription Total Revenue Subscription Total Revenue
Subscription Balance Subscription Balance
Subscription Next Billing At Subscription Next Billing At
Subscription Activated At Subscription Activated At
Payment Expiration Date CC Expiration Date
Custom Field Deal ID


Will changes made in HubSpot to a Contact sync to Chargify?

Yes, changes made to a contact record in HubSpot will be batch updated daily at Noon CST/CDT to Chargify.