Dunning Introduction

Dunning is the process of how you communicate with your customers in regards to failed credit card transactions and expiring credit cards.

Chargify helps manage the dunning process, or what we like to call the “unhappy path.” Or what happens when a credit card transaction fails. If you’re using Authorize.net, PayPal, or Google Checkout, you have to manually address each credit card issue as it arises. This is both tedious and time consuming and is certainly not the most efficient way to handle problems when executing a large number of transactions.

Chargify helps you manage the “unhappy path” by giving you a set of tools to automate the process of addressing failed cards. You can set up automatic retries for failed transactions, as well create a host of customized messages addressing the different reasons that credit cards fail. You can also set up proactive communication with your customers when their cards are about to expire.

We have found that up to 50% of lost customers are due to failed or expired credit cards simply because the process is so difficult to manage for merchants. Chargify’s tools help you save time, be efficient, and retain more customers.

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