Cancel Dunning

Chargify allows you to cancel dunning on Past Due Subscriptions. This allows a Subscription’s state to be moved from Past Due to Active. The amount that was past due on the subscription will be retained and included in the charge upon the subscription’s next renewal.

Canceling Dunning

From a Past Due Subscription’s page, select “Cancel Dunning” from the Subscription Actions dropdown.

Select "Cancel Dunning" from an eligible Subscription's actions

Review the Dunning Cancellation and confirm by clicking “Cancel Dunning”.

Select "Cancel Dunning" to confirm the Dunning Cancellation
If your Site is on Relationship Invoicing, then the amount charged at Renewal after Canceling Dunning may not include the past amount due for the Subscription. In this case, the uncollected amount must be manually collected by Recording a Payment.