Liquid Examples

Capitilization of names

In the following snippet, there is no need to include {{name}} in the body of the email. The snippet below will pull in the first name only of the subscriber.

{% assign nameparts = name | split: ' ' %}
{% capture titlecase %}{% for word in nameparts %}{{ word | downcase | capitalize }}{% endfor %}{% endcapture %}{{ titlecase }}

Display tax in receipt

{{payment.amount_in_cents | minus: product.price_in_cents | times: 0.001 }}

Replace commas in currency

{{ payment.amount | replace:',','.' }}

Display last 4 digits of a credit card

{{ payment_profile.masked_card_number | remove: "X"}}

Specify text based on subscription payment method

This example specifies a set of text to be delivered to a subscriber if they are on an automatic-based payment method, versus an invoice-based payment method. We find this is a great example to be used in receipts!

Dear {{name}}
[Your email content here.]
{% if subscription.payment_collection_method == "automatic" %}
Text for automatic-based subscriber.
{% elsif subscription.payment_collection_method == "invoice" %}
Text for invoice-based subscriber.
{% endif %}

Specify text based on product

{% if product.handle =="[REPLACE_WITH_product_handle]" %}

Here is the text that your subscriber should see if they purchase this product with the above and below syntax.

{% endif %}

Specify text based on multiple products

{% if product.handle == "[REPLACE_WITH_product_handle]" or product.handle == "[REPLACE_WITH_product_handle]" or product.handle == "[REPLACE_WITH_product_handle]" or  product.handle =="[REPLACE_WITH_product_handle]" %}

Here is the text that your Subscriber should see if they purchase any of the above products. Be sure to end the if statement below this line.

{% endif %}

To link to a url, surround the text with angle brackets:

<> or <{{subscription.billing_portal_management_url}}>

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