Billing Portal Introduction

The Chargify billing portal provides a great way for your customers to manage their subscription without you having to write any code. They can update their card, change plans, or cancel, all from one convenient interface.

Subscriber Invitations

Once you have enabled the Billing Portal, your customers will receive an invitation to manage their subscription via the email in their account. Chargify allows you to chose to automatically invite your Subscribers to the Billing Portal, or invite manually. With automatic email invitations enabled, we will send an email invitation to your new subscribers.

This invitation link can be included in the signup email as well using an email variable, {{subscription.billing_portal_management_url}}. Some merchants chose this method of communicating the URL because it reduces the number of emails sent to the customer upon signup.

For more information on how invitations work, please click here


  • Customize the content of the emails your subscribers receive to access the Billing Portal.

  • Send a message to your Subscribers how to reach out for assistance if they have questions with your product or service.


Your customers authenticate (i.e. log in) to Billing Portal using either an email/password OR by clicking a unique link sent to their validated email address.

For more information on authentication for the Billing Portal, please click here


Easily allow what features your customers can access through the Billing Portal. Simply enable or disable the following the features in the Billing Portal based on your business model.

For a full overview of the settings for the Billing Portal, please click here.

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