Chargify’s Billing Portal is an out-of-the-box, customer-facing portal where your customers can manage their subscriptions. Your customers can do all sorts of routine things that save you (and them!) time… like upgrading/downgrading service, adding/updating payment info, downloading statements, cancelling service, etc.

Synchronization between Chargify and your app or service is still your responsibility. However, the Billing Portal removes the need for you to implement a means for your customers to manage their subscriptions.

Enabling / Disabling the Billing Portal

The Billing Portal must be enabled before your subscribers can begin to interact with it. Here’s how to enable the billing portal for your site:

Enable the Billing Portal in settings

Subscriber Invitations

With automatic email invitations enabled, we will send an email invitation to your new subscribers. This email will contain a link that will give the subscriber automatic access to manage the subscription. Otherwise, you will need to invite your subscribers from the Subscriptions tab of Chargify.

Decide to send manual or automatic Billing Portal invitations


  • Allow Plan Changes: Allow or disallow a subscriber to change their plans. You can choose the way the products available for the customer to choose from will be sorted in the view.

  • Allow Immediate Cancellations: Allow or disallow a subscriber to cancel their subscriptions immediately.

  • Allow Delayed Cancellations (at end of period): Allow or disallow a subscriber to cancel their subscriptions.

  • Allow Card Updates: Allow or disallow a subscriber to update their credit cards

  • Allow Profile Updates: Allow or disallow your a subscriber to update their payment profile.

  • Allow Component Changes: Allow or disallow a subscriber to change their components, quantity and on/off.

  • Remove Chargify Logo: Enabling this checkbox removes the Chargify logo from the billing portal for white-labelling purposes.

  • Allow Password Logins: If password logins are turned off, a customer can use the login screen to easily request a Login Link using their email address on file.

    For more information on password logins, please see our full blog post.

  • Display Churn Reason Codes: Enabling this will display churn reason codes to the subscriber upon cancellation if they’ve been defined.

  • Allow Putting Subscriptions On Hold: If enabled, this will allow customers to put their subscriptions on hold, either indefinitely, or, if ‘Allow Resuming Subscriptions’ is also enabled, it will allow them to specify a date and time to automatically resume.

  • Allow Resuming Subscriptions: If enabled, this will allow customers to manually resume their subscriptions, or to select a date to automatically resume when putting their subscription on hold.

  • Allow Applying Coupons: If enabled, this will allow customers to add coupons to their subscriptions.

  • Display Referral Codes: If enabled, this will allow customers to see their subscription’s referral codes.

Customize the Billing Portal by selecting the features that meet your business needs.

Product Change Strategy

This determines how product changes by your customers are handled. Choose from 3 options:

  • Instantly with proration
  • Instantly without proration
  • Delayed till their next renewal date

Metered Components: Only the upgrade/downgrade of the product is prorated. As you change the product, the components will reset to zero.

Quantity Components: The total price of the product plus the components is prorated. As you change the product, the components will not reset to zero.

For more information, please see our article on upgrades and downgrades

Select the ideal product change strategy for product changes.

When a customer visits their unique billing portal link, they will be presented with a screen to enter their email. They will then get an email sent to them with a unique URL to allow them to access their billing portal.

When a customer visits their unique billing portal link they are automatically logged into the billing portal, no additional verification is performed.

Decide how you want to verify your subscribers.

Merchant Name

Enter the name you wish to display on the billing portal. This is useful to use if you do not have a logo.

Enter your company information that you would like to appear in the portal.

Merchant Info

This text shows on the main page of the Billing Portal. It should contain your contact information and anything else you want to tell your billing portal users. This field supports the markdown syntax and URLs and email addresses are automatically converted to clickable links.

Invitation Email Content

This invitation email will also be sent to all subscribers that you invite manually.

If automatic email invitations enabled, we will send this invitation email to your new subscribers. Included with the email, an invitation link can be included in the subscription signup email by using the email variable subscription.billing_portal_management_url.

This text is included in the body of the email that is sent to your subscribers whenever they are invited to use billing portal. {{url}} will be automatically replaced with the login url.

For more information on email variables, please see the list of possible options for emails.

Sample email content for Billing Portal invitations
Tip: Some merchants choose to include the Billing Portal invitation in the subscription signup email from Chargify. This option will reduce the number of emails sent to the customer upon signup.

This logo will be shown at the top of your billing portal instance. If a logo is not uploaded, your business name will be shown instead.

View your current logo or select "browse" to upload your logo