Once you have enabled the Billing Portal, you’ll want to invite your subscribers to interact with the Billing Portal for any account management needs that they may have.

As a merchant, you have a few options for alerting your subscriber about the Billing Portal. We’ll go into greater detail below on the types of ways you can inform your subscribers about how to access the Billing Portal.

Subscriber Invitations

Chargify allows you to chose to automatically invite your subscribers to the Billing Portal, or invite manually. This straightforward setting will allow you to select one of the following options:

  • Automatically invite new subscribers
  • Manually invite subscribers to the portal

For more information on configuring the invitation settings for your Billing Portal, please see the features documentation for the Billing Portal.

Automatic Invitations

With automatic email invitations enabled, we will send an email invitation to your new subscribers. This email will contain a link that will give the subscriber automatic access to manage their subscription.

Please see our documentation on invitation email content for more information on how to construct an invitation.

Manual Invitations

If manual invitations are enabled, a subscriber must be added manually to the Billing Portal. You can enable an individual subscriber by selecting “enable portal access” on a subscription.

For more information on how to enable a subscriber’s access to the Billing Portal, please see our documentation on portal acess.

Email Invitation Content

If you have enabled the Billing Portal, it’s important to customize the invitation email. The snapshot below shows an example of the basic email that will be sent to all new subscribers.

Default email template for inviting subscribers to the portal.

To edit the content of this email, please edit the Billing Portal settings for your site.

Select whether you'd like automatic or manual invitations for your subscribers.

Billing Portal Customer List Management

Merchants can view a complete list of who’s currently invited to use the portal, and who’s access has not yet been enabled for the Billing Portal.

Example list of customers and their current portal access

Search for a particular subscriber by entering the first or last name of a customer.

How to use the search box to find a customer in the Billing Portal view

Access Filters

Filter for Access Enabled or Access Disabled to view the group/count of customers current portal status.

View and select customers who have the Billing Portal enabled
View and select customers who have the Billing Portal disabled

If you select view link from a customer in the management portal, you’ll receive a popup message displaying the management link for their subscription. For more information on the management link of the Billing Portal, please see our subscription summary page.

Manage Access

If you select Manage Access for a particular customer, you will be redirected to their subscription. From here, you perform any Billing Portal related tasks.

Enable Portal for All Customers

In the management portal, you can select to enable the Billing Portal for all customers who have live subscriptions; it will not enable access for those who are in an end-of-life state. We will also automatically filter for the eligible users with no/revoked access.

Select the option to "Enable Portal for All Customers"

Elect to send an invitation email as the specified customers are given Billing Portal access. Alternately, you can send the invitation email manually from the subscription at a later time.

A pop-up gives you the option to send an invitation as you enable the portal for all.