Stripe Upgrade Notice

In April of 2017, Chargify released an improved Stripe integration for all merchants. We are asking that all Chargify merchants using the legacy Stripe integration migrate to the updated Stripe connection.

Hundreds of merchants have already migrated with no reported issues, it only takes a matter of minutes, and offers many value added benefits—most notably, the ability to take advantage of Stripe’s Smarter Saved Cards (a.k.a. Automatic Card Updater) feature and ACH support via Stripe.

We’re enforcing the switch because Stripe is unable to see that you are sending data through Chargify. Stripe sees that you are sending full credit card details via their API and while this is actually Chargify using your API key to process payments on your behalf, our merchants are beginning to receive emails from Stripe asking for proof of Level 1 PCI compliance.

Additional Benefits

  • The updated Stripe connection is currently the only supported gateway that seamlessly allows card updates to flow back into Chargify, eliminating the need for customer to update newly issued cards.

  • The latest integration uses oAuth instead of relying on your Stripe API key. If you ever have to revoke your API key used by other integrations, the Chargify integration will continue to work without interruption.

To update your integration, please follow the steps below

  • Login to the Chargify user interface
  • Select the site you’d like to update (must be done for every live site connected to Stripe)
  • Go to Settings > Payment Gateway
  • If using Stripe Legacy, you’ll see a blue box at the top of the page that says “Let’s Upgrade Your Stripe Integration”
  • Click “Connect with Stripe”
  • You’ll be redirected to Stripe which will ask you to login. Or, if you’re already logged in, you’ll see the option to “Connect My Stripe Account”.
Important: You must be logged into the same Stripe account that is currently connected to Chargify.
  • You will see a confirmation at the top of the page saying “Stripe connection was made successfully”

We recommend creating a test transaction right away as an additional check to ensure the connection was successful and transactions are processing as expected.

For complete documentation on switching to Stripe Conect, please see our documentation here.

What happens if I don’t upgrade?

  • Chargify will not add any additional updates to the Legacy Stripe connection
  • No support will be provided for any issues affecting the Legacy Stripe connection

Please contact if you have any questions.