Changing Domain of Hosted & Signup Pages

If you have received an email from Chargify recently, please review the following bullet points / information in depth. This will help your team understand what steps you will need to take to rectify the issue.
  • We recommend consulting your web team to review this messaging if you are unsure what steps to take as a merchant. Please share this messaging with them.

  • If you use any of Chargify’s hosted pages (Public Signup Page, Self Service Page), you will need to inspect your marketing site, sales materials and sales funnel for any evidence of the usage of [yoursubdomain] If you find any evidence of these URLs being used, you will need to change the URLs to [yoursubdomain]

  • If you have received an email from us, this means that we have found evidence that folks are accessing legacy [yoursubdomain] URLs. This does not necessarily mean that signups have occurred. However, this does mean that the sites have been accessed (via GET).

  • If you are an API user, your CRUD requests to the Chargify API will not be affected.


Chargify is introducing a new domain that will serve all merchant-generated content:

The reason for this change is to improve the security and isolation of these merchant-controlled pages away from and from each other. It will also open the door to our technical capability to begin allowing Bring-Your-Own-Domain in the future (so the pages are “” with no Chargify in the URL at all). Also, you’ll no longer be logged out of your Chargify account when previewing any of these pages!

We know that your time is valuable and we’re aiming to make this change as minimally disruptive for you as possible. We’ve created a gentle switchover process with many warning checkpoints to give you enough time to make the changes needed. As always, if you need additional help, please contact us at, we’re here to help!

Change Details

Chargify issues several different public hosted URLs in various circumstances.

All these URLs will change to instead use the domain. You’ll want to update all links that you use or generate in your Chargify integration. You can and should begin using the new domain immediately.

Public Signup Pages



Signup confirmation pages



Card Update pages



Pay Invoice Email URL

Generated internally by Chargify. You should not need to make any changes for these. We just want you to be aware that the URLs we put in emails will change slightly.



ACH Verification Email

Generated internally by Chargify. You should not need to make any changes for these. We just want you to be aware that the URLs we put in emails will change slightly.



Deprecated Hosted pages


Now: (domain AND path change!)

The Deprecated Hosted Page URL changes to match the Public Signup Page URL. The function the same as the existing Public Signup Page, so we are removing references and URLs for the old Hosted Pages so that you only have to update once. When you update your links for Deprecated Hosted Pages, you should use the new URL format of the Public Signup Pages.

If you use any of these pages, you will need to make changes. If you do not use our hosted signup or card update pages, no change is necessary. Our domain for logging in or managing your Chargify account is not changing.


Here is a timeline of events as we roll out this change:

  • Feb 15, 2018 - Effectively immediately we are displaying the new domain on all pages in our app that shows or issues you the URL of a Public Signup Page or Card Update page. Old URLs continue to work with no change. If you need to recall the old URL, there is a “Legacy URL” link to view it.
  • Jun 5, 2018 - We will begin redirecting all URLs (using a 301 redirect) to their equivalent. Deprecated Hosted page URLs will also change from the /h/abc123/subscriptions/new format to /subscribe/abc123/product format, but will continue to function the same.
  • Dec 5, 2018 - We will begin sending warning emails to any accounts still using the old domain URLs warning of the need to fix and the upcoming brownouts.
  • Feb 5, 2019 (Tue) 10:00-14:00 EST - We will execute a 4 hour brownout where old URLs and pages will not work (replicating what you’ll experience on March 5th)
  • Feb 20, 2019 (Tue) 06:00-18:00 EST - We will execute an 8 hour brownout where old URLs and pages will not work (replicating what you’ll experience on March 5th)
  • Mar 5, 2019 (Tue) - Redirects will be removed and all old URLs will no longer function.

How to update

You’ll need to make the following changes to your app integration:

  • Anywhere you link to a Signup page, change the link to use the domain
  • If you are linking using the old Deprecated Hosted Page style link, use the newer Public Signup Page style instead
  • Anywhere that you link to or generate a Card Update URL for a customer to update their card, use the new domain instead


Is the Chargify Billing Portal affected by these changes?

  • The Chargify Billing Portal is unaffected by these changes.

Is Chargify Direct affected by these changes?

  • Any integrations that utilize Chargify Direct will be unaffected. Since Chargify Direct relys on merchant’s hosting their own pages / content, new URLs will not affect existing integrations. This applies to POSTs to the following URLs:

  • Signups: POST to
  • Card Updates: POST to<>/card_update

Is the Salesforce integration affected?

  • The Salesforce integration will not be affected by the changes. Our Salesforce integration does contain a lot of moving parts. However, since the integration is API and webhook related, it will remain unaffected.