New API Key Management

As of Monday August 22, 2016 API Keys are now site specific.


  • There was one API Key per account used for making all API v1 requests. This key was used for all of our sites, and you could only have one key.
  • At anytime you could see your API Key by going to the “API Access” section in the dashboard.
  • For each site, you could enable Chargify Direct, generating an API Key. These API Keys were site specific, but each site could only have one Chargify Direct API Key. These keys can also be used to make API v2 requests.
  • If you had API Access enabled, when you created a new site, that site would automatically have API Access enabled and you could use your API Key to make requests to it.


  • All API Keys (v1 and API v2 / Chargify Direct) are now site specific. You will no longer be able to generate an API key that will give you access to all your sites.
  • Each site can now have up to 10 API v1 keys and up to 10 API v2 / Chargify Direct Keys which you can manage on the “Integrations” tab of the site’s dashboard.
  • You will only be shown your API Key in it’s entirety once, you must copy it down then. For increased security, you can no longer go back and see the API Key later, and we cannot recover it for you.
  • When you create a new site, by default it will have no API Access. You will need to go in and create a new API key specific to that site.


  • All existing API Keys have been “grandfathered in”, meaning if you had API Access enabled before, your API Key will continue to work on any sites you have right now (but not on new sites you create, see above.)
  • You can now disable that “grandfathered” API key on a site-by-site basis by deleting it on that site’s dashboard.