MasterCard BIN Update

MasterCard is increasing the valid range of its account numbers soon! Read on to learn how Chargify has made the necessary adjustments to accommodate this update:

Bank Identification Numbers (BINs), which are the first six-digits of the account number, are fundamental to credit card payments. These numbers uniquely identify financial institutions and facilitate transaction routing. Up to this point, valid MasterCard BINs have started with a “5.” In October 2016, MasterCard will increase the valid range of MasterCard BINs to include account numbers which start with “2.” New cards will start being issued in January 2017 which include this new range.

Chargify has taken the following steps to insure that this development is a seamless change to our customers:

  • Demonstrated proper identification of MasterCard brand with Chargify’s dependent financial libraries

  • Processed end-to-end test financial transactions via payment gateways where possible

  • Verified compliance via support requests where possible.

Unfortunately, we are not able to positively verify all gateway readiness. Only a few have provided test card numbers in the new range that allow us to definitively prove that end-to-end financial transactions will be successful. But we’ve tested all the ones we can and will continue to monitor and make sure as many gateways as possible are in compliance

If you have any questions about this update, please contact