Listing Subscriptions by Customer in the API

As of December 3rd, 2018, we made a change in the way payment profiles are displayed in API responses when listing subscriptions for a customer.

Previously, we were always sending a key of credit_card, even if the customer was actually using a bank account or a PayPal account to pay for the subscription.

Going forward, we will correctly send information about the type of payment method that is being used, either bank_account, paypal_account, or credit_card.

For example, when making an API request to for a customer who pays with a bank account, you will receive a response such as

        "subscription": {
            "activated_at": "2018-02-12T20:42:45-05:00",
            "automatically_resume_at": null,
            "balance_in_cents": 0,
            "bank_account": {
                "bank_account_holder_type": "business",
                "bank_account_type": "checking",
                "bank_name": "My Bank ",
                "billing_address": "123 Main St",
                "billing_address_2": "",
                "billing_city": "New York",
                "billing_country": "US",
                "billing_state": "NY",
                "billing_zip": "11754",
                "current_vault": "stripe_connect",
                "customer_id": 127863,
                "customer_vault_token": null,
                "first_name": "James",
                "id": 29129,
                "last_name": "Dean",
                "masked_bank_account_number": "XXXX6789",
                "masked_bank_routing_number": "XXXX0000",
                "payment_type": "bank_account",
                "vault_token": "cus_C3VzI7FSPK7Adm",
                "verified": false
            "cancel_at_end_of_period": false,