Heroku Deprecation Announcement

Chargify will be moving away from supporting Heroku as an integration partner. As part of this change, we’ll be asking for your help to convert your Chargify account into a standard-level account. You will not need to change any of your code, only remove the Chargify add-on from your Heroku account as instructed below and create a password for your account.

The Heroku integration will be completely removed on May 30th, 2017, however your integration will continue to function properly once converted to a standard Chargify account.

Benefits of Converting

  • Full control of your Chargify account
  • Add as many users and collaborators to your account as needed
  • Advanced permissions and Role Based Access Control for user accounts
  • Enhanced security controls
  • Full access to our new reporting and analytics features

Changes to expect

  • You’ll no longer sign into Chargify through your Heroku app. Instead, you’ll sign in directly at https://app.chargify.com
  • If you’re on a paid account, you’ll pay Chargify directly (instead of through Heroku). Heroku will continue to bill you through May. Your first bill with Chargify will be charged on July 1st.
  • You’ll remove the Chargify Add-on from your Heroku account. This means the ENV var in Heroku CHARGIFY_API_KEY will be removed.

Conversion steps

If you have any trouble or questions about the conversion process, please don’t hesitate to contact our Support team at support@chargify.com and we’d be happy to help!

  1. Ensure your Chargify Account email on file is up-to-date and accurate.
    • This is also going to be your primary username for your first user on your account
    • You’ve never had a Chargify password before. So you’ll need reset your password for your new user account.
    • Ensure you can sign in successfully using your email address and new password to https://app.chargify.com
  2. Determine if your app uses or relies upon the ENV var CHARGIFY_API_KEY
    • If it does not rely on that ENV var, then simply deprovision the Chargify Add-On: heroku addons:destroy chargify
    • If your app does rely on that ENV var, you will have to copy the key and then recreate it after removing the Add-On:

                  heroku config:get CHARGIFY_API_KEY # Record this value
        heroku addons:destroy chargify
        heroku config:set CHARGIFY_API_KEY=VALUE_FROM_STEP_ONE


What if I’m on the Developer/Free plan? Do I continue to get free service?

What if I’m on the Developer/Free plan and don’t want to convert my account?

  • The Chargify Add-On will be removed from your Heroku account on May 30th, 2017. Your Chargify account will continue to operate separately.

What if I’m on a paid Chargify plan and don’t want to convert?

  • If you choose not to pay after the conversion is complete, your Chargify will be automatically canceled. All subscriptions will stop billing and no more transactions will be processed. We highly recommend exporting all your data prior to May 30th, 2017.

Will removing the Heroku add-on delete my Chargify data?

  • No, removing the Heroku Add-On will leave your Chargify account intact for as long as you remain active on Chargify. Removing the Add-On will, however remove the CHARGIFY_API_KEY from your Heroku App’s config.