Disabling webhook endpoints

We have added a new control that will automatically pause or disable postback & webhook endpoints that are no longer reachable. This will help us to ensure that dead endpoints don't cause issues by blocking our delivery queues for other merchants with working endpoints.

We’ve found often merchants set up a temporary webhook endpoint in order to test or review their integration. It can be easy to forget that these endpoints are active. Unfortunately, webhook endpoints have the potential to generate extremely large amounts of work on the Chargify systems as we build and then try to reliably deliver them to the merchant. The complete docs are available here.

In summary, if your endpoint fails to receive 25 webhooks in a row, it will be “paused”. When paused, we will create the webhook, but not attempt to send it. Once your endpoint returns to service, you can manually choose to send those paused webhooks (along with the original failed webhooks).

We’ll automatically test the endpoint again with one new webhook every 2 hours. If any of those webhooks succeed, your endpoint will be reactivated.

After 48 hours, the endpoint will be completely disabled. No new webhook records will be generated.

If you have a paused or disabled endpoint, you simply need to edit the URL to your new URL to re-activate it.

Thanks for your understanding as we work to improve reliability and performance for all our merchants. Please contact us if you have any question, concerns, or issues.