Allocation downgrade credit changes

New Functionality

As of April 18th, 2019, we will now correctly respect the proration_downgrade_scheme regardless of what the proration_upgrade_scheme is during a downgrade allocation.

Previous Functionality

When an allocation occurred that would result in a credit, and the following conditions were met:

  1. prorate was selected for the proration_downgrade_scheme
  2. full-price-attempt-capture or full-price-delay-capture was selected for the proration_upgrade_scheme

The resulting credit would have been for the full amount of the allocation instead of a prorated amount. Example:

I have a subscription that is halfway through it’s period and it has a component allocated with 10 units. Each of those units is $10, which means the total cost of the allocation is $100.

I then adjust the component to have only 5 units, which is a downgrade, and I utilize the conditions met above (prorate for downgrade, full-price-attempt-capture for upgrade). The resulting credit would be $50 instead of the anticipated prorated credit of $25.