Chargify Documentation

At Chargify, we want to ensure that you’re set up for success from the very beginning. That’s why we put together a small collection of articles to get you oriented on the core features of the product, as well as some new terms. If you’ve finished reading all of the articles under the Chargify Overview, we’ve got a few suggestions on where to go next.

Chargify highly recommends you read our blog post, Top 20 Chargify Overview Questions (and Answers). This is an informative collection of articles that covers our most frequently asked questions (and answers) from customers.

Creating/Configuring a Site and Configuring a Gateway

Quickly learn the basics of how to configure your Site and gateway settings. Site settings allow you to control the basic information about your Site, such as currency, reply-to email and time zone. Learn how to use the provided Chargify Test gateway or connect to the test gateway of your choice!

Configuring your Products

Build a library of Products for your Subscribers to purchase. Learn how to configure product costs, recurring billing periods, trial periods., taxable products and more.

Going Live

Explore the basic qualifications required before your Site can be live and offered to your customer base. Understand the options to remove test data before going live. This is an important step before you can start accepting Subscriptions with Chargify.

Allowing Customers to buy Subscriptions

Offer your Products to Subscribers via our robust Public Signup Pages. Learn how to customize the look and feel Public Signup Pages. Understand the basics of Subscription management. Manage Subscriptions with ease. Learn how to use the Subscription Summary pages within Chargify to view recent activity, transactions, next billing dates and more with out comprehensive online tools.

Controlling access to your app or service

Connect your Site to a number of 3rd party integrations. Choose to integrate with your own applications or other 3rd party applications by implementing webhooks / event based data.

Revenue Recovery

Gain control of past due Subscribers by letting Chargify manage it automatically! Learn about the automatic Dunning controls Chargify offers for a hands-off approach to Dunning Managment.